Friday, October 31, 2008

Berry Berry-licious!

I bought Cameron this mesh feeder that you put fresh fruits and veggies in and it helps him eat them without swallowing too much or chocking. He loves it! I bought some strawberries and he devoured them. He was chowing down, sucking all the juice out of them and squeezing them through the mesh. I have to say this was a good buy. He also at pear and apple in it. Its a hit!

He has been expanding his pallet a bit and trying new foods. First of all the fresh fruits. Then today he tried turkey and gravy baby food. I was kind of nervous that he would reject it completely, mushed up meat just doesn't sound tasty, but to my surprise he loved it! Because he sits completely on his own all the time now it opens up new possibilities for food choices. He can eat the gerber 2nd foods now which give you more choices then just fruits and veggies. He ate some gerber wagon wheels. They are little round puffs that look like wheels that dissolve in your mouth. I think he is really enjoying the new tastes and textures.

Halloween and Trick or Treating

Cameron's First HalloweenCameron was dressed as a chicken for Halloween. I actually bought this costume last year after Halloween on sale at Old Navy. I thought it was so cute and I didnt know if we were having a boy or a girl yet and I figured this could go either way. I was kind of worried when I realized he was a big boy that he would grow out of it before Halloween. But we just made it! The pants were a little tight. I think he looks so cute!
He was not very happy that we were putting his costume on him. He screamed the whole time. Not to mention today he was a "non-napper" so he was fussy anyway. Hopefully next time he will be happier to be putting on a costume! Me and Cameron on our front porch after trick-or-treating in the neighborhood with Courtney and Hank.
Cameron is a little young to trick-or-treat and actually get candy, so we tagged along with our friends Courtney and Hank(who was an amazingly cute Elmo). It was fun walking around with them and being able to show Cameron what Halloween is like. He seemed a little confused as to why we were outside at night, in the cold and he was dressed in weird clothes. Overall we had a lot of fun!
Hank and Cameron before we headed out to go trick-or-treating. Aren't they adorable? Cameron looks like he is having a blast, doesnt he...?
He was really checking out the candy. I think he really liked the wrappers and the noise they made. He tries to shove everything in his mouth, so this was no different. But we were able to keep the candy out of his mouth this time.
Cameron and Bret, I love this picture! Looking so handsome together. I cant wait for next year, I hope he enjoys dressing up and going trick-or-treating like I always did:)

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Carving Pumpkins

We carved our pumpkins this afternoon and it was so much fun. This is by far one of my favorite parts of Halloween, but Bret isnt a huge fan. He gets into it when we do it but he is always kinda reluctant to start. Cameron seemed interested by it. He lost interest quickly as most babies his age would, but he liked putting his hands into his little pumpkin and mooshing around!Bret is the weirdest pumpkin carver, ever! He doesnt like to touch the mooshy pumpkin so he wears gloves while he scoops it out! I cant believe it! Thats my favorite part, getting in and getting my hands dirty. Two of those pumpkins are bigger than him!
Our finished result. One cute mommy pumpkin, a teeny-tiny baby pumkin and a rather strange looking daddy pumpkin.Bret likes to do strange things to his pumpkins during carving. He figures if he is going to carve it he mind as well go to town. So he decided he wanted to make a "weird" pumpkin. He gave it one huge brow and one small brow, same with the eyes one big and one small. Then one of the scariest noses I have ever seen and some razor sharp teeth. Then he carved out hair all around the pumkin and gave it ears. He gave it the "old man do." And just to top it off, he left the stringy insides hanging out behind the eyes.

Brodys First Birthday Party

Saturday was Brodys birthday party, he is 1 year old now! Cameron and him are almost exactly 6 months apart. I am so excited to have them be so close in age and be good friends and cousins. We had a lot of fun at his party, we always love to get together with family.

Brody in his birthday boy hat and bib.
Yum Yum! The best part of 1st birthdays, getting messy!

Cameron and Brody played together for a few minutes before it was cake time. They are so cute together! Cameron seemed mesmerized by Brodys abilities as a 1 year old.
Peyton loves Cameron. She always is so excited to see him and play with him. He seemed like he really enjoyed her too. He loves hair so she was a little bit frustrated I think when he kept grabbing her hair. But we tucked it into her shirt and it was all fun after that!
I didnt realize he was grabbing her hair when I was taking the picture. I saw this later when I looked at all of them, poor girl! I just thought it was funny that I happened to capture it.
At the end everyone got birthday hats and one of those things you blow in to make noise and it puffs out. Cameron was loving watching it go in and out. He was laughing so hard.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Attack the Teddy!

We have discovered that Cameron is in love with this teddy bear. He got it from the firemen when I got in that car accident in August. He was attacking it like you wouldn't believe. I would hold it out in front of him and would would flap his arms and squeal, reach out and snatch it out of my hands. And then of course chew on it like he does everything else. He did this for at least a half an hour before I discovered it was time for a diaper change, but if I hadnt stopped him I think he could have gone on doing this all day. It was really funny to watch. Its his new favorite toy!


Sporting his warm up outfit from his Grandma and Grandpa Madsen, so adorable! Maybe he will grow up and play for the Mariners, I know that would make a few people in our family happy.

If The Pants Fit, Wear Them!

Finally I got my pre-pregnancy jeans on this morning! I will admit they are my bigger pre-pregnancy jeans, but hey, they are still from before I got pregnant so it counts. I am trying the Special K diet and it seems to be working. Im gonna keep going and hope it works well, its these last 15lbs I cant seem to get off. I was so excited that they went on and I could zip and button them I jumped up and down with excitement for a minute. It made Cameron laugh:) Hurray, now I have to get into my smaller pre-pregnancy jeans, thats going to be quite a job for me now.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Pumpkin Patch

Today we took Cameron to the pumpkin patch by our house and picked out some great pumpkins to carve. He seemed very interested in all the orange everywhere. We got him a little pumpkin and we each picked out our own pumpkins. It was a lot of fun and I cant wait til next year when he will be able to run around and understand better what we are doing. But Im excited to celebrate his first Halloween!

They had a little activity barn. Obviously he is too small to do "activities," but we showed him how to bang on the pots and pans to make noise and he tried it. I think he had fun, the noise was a little startling to him though.

Cameron Today

Some pictures of Cameron playing this morning after he woke up. He is sitting up so well! He is starting to really push up on his arms and you can tell that he is working really hard to pull his legs up and get on his knees, but not quite yet. He is so cute!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Cameron was tagged...

10 things we love about Cameron...

1. His smile
2. We love it when he cuddles up with us
3. His big blue eyes
4. The way he squeals when he gets excited
5. How much fun we have with him
6. That he sleeps through the night, hallelujah!
7. The many "talking" noises he makes
8. His giggle and his real big laugh
9. His pudgy little cheeks and all his rolls
10. Most of all we love that he is our baby!

We tag Hank, Max, Corina, Rylec, Kaylee, Janson, Elizabeth and Nathaniel!