Friday, April 24, 2009

Lego Blocks

Im sure every kid the same age as Cameron can do this, but I am so impressed with him! He loves playing with his blocks, he picks up the bag they are in and carries it to me so I can open them. Then he sits on the floor and plays with them for a long time. Im impressed with his ability to put the blocks together. He is really catching on. I think its so cute how he gets very serious when he plays with them, his face looks so serious. Anyway, Im just amazed at my little man!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Craft Night Catchup

I have been forgetting to post about craft nights the last two months, so I figured I would do some catchup. We did the "Theres no place like home" blocks last month and this month we did the picture frame trio. My friend and I are working on ideas for the next few months, we have some fun ones... I am so glad we started this craft group, its so much fun!

Monday, April 20, 2009

My Little Helper

I had just swiffered the floors and Cameron was itching to hold the swiffer sweeper. I let him have it and he started sweeping the floors for me! What a funny little guy:)


Yesterday was a beautiful day so I decided that it would be fun to let Cameron play in the sprinkler. I dont think he got the idea, he would only go near the sprinkler if we threw the ball near it. But I think he had fun regardless.
In between our houses we have a strip of rocks, yesterday Cameron discovered them. He sat there for so long making a pile of rocks between his legs. He started even pulling them out of the ground. He is a funny little man!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Spring Fair and Park Fun

Today we took at trip to the Puyallup Spring Fair. It was a lot of fun. At the Puyallup Fair in September Cameron was only 4 months old so he didnt really get what was going on and he slept most the time. This was much more fun, he liked hearing the cows moo and watching the rides. Here he is watching the cows with Bret, he wasnt quite sure what to make of it, but I think he was fascinated by them.

There is a ride that sling shots people up into the air and then they bounce up and down in the air until they slow down enough to be lowered back to the ground. Cameron was absolutly amazed by this. Each time it shot them into the air a big horn would blow and it would catch his attention, then all he wanted to do was watch the ride. Here is Bret and Cameron watching the ride.

Looking at the chickens. I think he was a little afraid of them.
Camerons first fair scone, yum! He shared it with me and really enjoyed it.
Tonight at the fair they are having a demolition derby so when we were there all the cars were being brought in or they drove in. The ones that drove in were really loud, and being Brets son, Cameron was very interested in them.
There is a big pile of metal that someone put together that kids can bang on to make music. Cameron wouldnt hold on to the drumsticks, he just wanted to play with the metal. So he attached himself to these pipes that hung down and he just kept banging them together, over and over, and wouldnt move on to any other things.
He had his bottle on the way home from the fair in the car and he was just being really cute and funny so I had to take a picture. He would drink a little, then pull out the bottle and talk and laugh, then drink some more. After we got home we decided since it was a nice day and Bret had never gone with Cameron and I to the park we would take a trip up there. Cameron and I were playing chase, I would jog in front of him and he would run behind me. I turned and snapped a picture of him chasing me, it was so funny, he was giggling and laughing and having so much fun. Here we are at the park.
Bret was tossing Cameron up in the air, I had to catch a picture. I think he had a really fun day. I know I did. Its so much fun now that he is older and able to really play with us and interact.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

What a mess!

Yesterday for lunch I made Cameron some pasta with marinara sauce. Lately he has been pretty clean which is nice considering he refuses to wear bibs. Every time I put a bib on him he grabs it with both hands and pulls with all his might until he is red in the face. Anyway, I like letting him feed himself because he likes it, but obviously this pasta idea was quite messy. I love how he looks so proud of himself, he made such a mess!

Easter Sunday

This year was Camerons first Easter. I have very vivid memories of last Easter, being big and pregnant and SO ready to have him. This year was a lot more fun. I did an Easter basket for him, I put 5 books about spring, two summer-ish shirts, some squirt guns for the bath, a chocolate bunny (which is really more for me but its not an Easter basket without a chocolate bunny!), a big bouncy ball which wasnt really "in" the basket and some eggs. He seemed excited about it, I know he doesnt really get it but he liked getting new things:)

After he emptied the basket he decided it was time to play with it, so he carried it around the house for a while.
I couldnt get him to hold still long enough to get a good picture of his Easter outfit, he is always so wiggly and wants to run around. So this is the best I could do. Isnt he cute? I loved his outfit.
My parents bought him an Easter chicken that dances and sings. He thought it was pretty funny. It sings the chicken dance song.
Here is a video of him playing with his ball. He did this for quite a while, just throwing the ball against the wall over and over. I guess we were too boring to play ball with he had to play with the wall.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Toddler Gym

I signed Cameron up for a Toddler Gym class at the Y. Its basically a big room with all shapes and sizes of mats, trampolines, obstacle courses and all kinds of gymnastic things. Since he is so young we basically sit in a circle and sing a few songs but them most of the time he just gets to roam around and play.
Camerons heaven would consist of lots and lots of balls, this is pretty close to that. He loved it. A lot of the balls were already taken out by older kids but he still enjoyed it.
There is a swing in the room and I figured since he enjoyed the swing at the park he would probably like this one. He laughed so hard, it was adorable!
He wondered around with this huge ball for a long time picking it up and throwing it over and over. He sure loves balls.

Happy 60th Anniversary!

Last night we attended a dinner at the Yacht Club to celebrate Brets grandparents 60th wedding anniversary. It was a lot of fun. At the end of dinner the waiter brought them dessert with a sparkler, thats what this picture is of. Congrats Grandma and Grandpa!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Fighting Over Food...

Today I am feeling so frustrated with meal time. Cameron has always been a pretty good eater and I havent ever had to fight him to eat meals. He usually gobbles them right up, he is such a little piggy. But lately he has developed a mind of his own in this department and its driving me mad. He eats breakfast pretty well, although usually puts up a little fight at first but then once he realizes what I gave him he eats. Then lunch time is the beginning of the hassle. All he wants to eat is canned peaches (or any kind of fruit), string cheese or any kind of gerber snack. He wont eat anything that would make up a meal. I can get him to eat mac and cheese or grilled cheese sandwich, both of those he used to love but now I have to work to get him to eat even that. Dinner time though is way worse. He has been eating whatever we eat or I give him a little something more if its not something he can easily eat. He was doing really well and eating whatever I gave him. But out of nowhere he is refusing to eat anything other than the above mentioned items. I have been giving in and letting him eat those things because I dont want him to be hungry. But I think its time we put our foot down and not let him eat snacks just because he refuses to eat what we gave him. So tonight I gave him some cooked mixed veggies to start out with. He literally put evey little veggie peice in his mouth and then spit it out, one by one. I tried giving him a number of healthy options and each one he denied. Dinner time tonight was filled with crying and screaming from Cameron. I didnt give in and just give him what he wanted. He sure got smart real quick, he learned how to get me to give him snacks... Anyway, it wasnt a good night. So I put him to bed and he didnt eat dinner. I feel like a horrible mom, putting my child to bed hungry. Granted I am going to go feed him a bottle before I go to bed, but still, its so frustrating having to fight him so much. I cant figure out what brought on this "non-eating" phase. Im sure I figure it out after the fact and feel horrible I didnt know what was wrong at the time, thats how things seem to work. I just want him to eat healthy meals. I at least make sure his snacks are healthy since he has been so funny about meals. If anyone has any suggestions, please share!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Swim Class

Today was Camerons first day of swim lessons. We got there a little early so I let him walk around a bit, he wouldnt leave the windows looking in at the pool. He kept pointing at the pool and talking jibberish. Then he would turn around and look at me to make sure I was listening. I was a little afraid that he wouldnt like it or that he would cry the whole time, but he really enjoyed the class. When we first got into the water he started laughing and splashing around. A few times he even acted like he just wanted me to let him go so he could do it himself, which obviously I wouldnt do, but he is just so confident. I am so glad I signed him up. I am excited for our next class on Thursday.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Fun in the SUN!

Today a few friends of mine and I all took our kids to the park. Its such a beautiful day, we didnt want to waste it. I wasnt sure if Cameron would actually be able to do much or play on the toys, but he had a blast! He was walking so well, I was amazed. He walked all around and giggled a ton, he loved playing with older kids. I had a lot of fun watching him, he was so cute!
This was his first time in a swing other than his infant swing. He laughed so loud and thought it was so funny. A few ladies behind me stopped to watch him and listen to his laugh and they commented on how adorable it was. He was just cracking up. I think this will have to be a common occurance this summer, we will be at the park a lot.
Here is a video of him playing.


I took Cameron to the doctor today because he woke up with a rash all over his stomach, shoulders and even some on his face and neck. He has had a really high fever the last two days so in combo with that and the rash I decided I would take him in. He has roseola, he isnt contagious now so thats good to know. My poor little guy cant get a break, he is always sick with something. But this should be gone soon. He also got weighed and measured, he is 24lbs and 30in.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Weekend Summary

So Friday I decided Bret and I were going to go on a date. I called my parents and they agreed to watch Cameron for us. We went out to dinner at Outback and then went to see "Bedtime Stories." It was a really cute movie! We had a lot of fun being "baby-less" for a few hours and spending some time together. When we got back to my parents to pick him up he was still awake, sort of, he was laying all sprawled out on my mom with a fever and not feeling so great. We stripped him down and put him to bed, poor little guy.

We woke up Saturday morning and Cameron was burning up. I took his temp and it was 103.2! I loaded him up on Tylonal and it started to go down. We had plans to go to an easter egg hunt with my brother and sister in law and their kids at 11am, I debated whether to go or not. But he seemed to be doing better and I was doing all of their hair after the egg hunt so we just went. He was so miserable. He is cutting his top middle two teeth and so I assumed that was what was causing the fever, but it was a little high. We went to the egg hunt...

Here we are gathering eggs. Cameron refused to let me set him down to let him walk or crawl around and get his own eggs. If I even bent down to get him one he clinged to me for dear life. You can tell in this picture he wasnt feeling well. I think he has a hard time when there are lots of kids and people around too, so the combo of that and the fever wasnt a good mix. Although he wasnt feeling well, it was still fun.

In one of his eggs he got hair clips! I decided it would be funny to clip them in his hair, Bret wasnt too fond of the idea so he took them out as fast as he could after I snapped this picture.

After the egg hunt we went back to Jim and Megans house to put Cameron and Brody down for their naps and I got to doing hair. I cut and colored and cut Megan and her mom Twilas hair, and cut her three kids hair too. By the time all of it was done it was dinner time so Jim picked up some pizza and then we headed home. It was a long day, but fun. Cameron still had a fever when we put him to bed. We had been giving him Tylonal all day but Megan suggested Motrin so we stopped to get some and that helped him sleep through the night.
Also, Saturday Cameron turned 11 months! That means only a few more weeks until his birthday, I cant even believe it! He is so much fun at this age, although let me be there first to say he is a lot of work too. He is so much more interactive that he used to be and he is understanding so much more too. I sure love my little guy a lot!

This morning Cameron woke up with a fever of 102.5 and still not feeling good. We recently cut back our cable package to save money so we went to my parents to watch conference. We spent most of the day there for conference and had an early dinner when it was over. Cameron had fun seeing his grandparents and uncle.
When we got home we decided since it was such a beautiful day we would go for a walk. We have a little playground right behind our house so we stopped there on our walk to let Cameron play. We have never really put him on a slide but he loved it!
Here he is going down the slide. Bret would hold him at the top and help him stay steady sliding down and I would catch him at the bottom and toss him up in the air. He had such a blast! (
He started knocking on everything. He knocks on the doors in the house, on his highchair tray, the floor, his toys, basically anything he can! So he had fun knocking on the plexiglass bubble window at the park.
On Tuesday Cameron and I are starting Mommy and me swim lessons at the Y. I am really excited to see how he likes it. I think it will be a lot of fun! I needed to try on his swim shorts to make sure they fit ok and they do! He just looked so cute in them I had to take a picture. We are also doing a "Toddler Gym" class at the YMCA. So we will have swim two days a week in the morning and then gym one day a week in the morning. I think it will be really fun and good for him.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Stuffed Mickey Mouse

About a week ago Bret took Cameron to Fred Meyers with him and came home with a stuffed Mickey Mouse. He loves that little mouse! He carries it around with him and hugs and kisses it, its so cute! He even sleeps with it at night now. I think its so adorable that he likes it so much.