Friday, November 27, 2009


My in laws hosted Thanksgiving this year and it was a big turnout. There were about 40 of us there! We had lots of yummy food and it was fun to hang out with family for a day.
Bret, Dad, Christopher and Mom
Cameron and Brody discovered the organ... The ultimate button machine. They loved it!
The kids had a lot of fun playing together. Cameron and Brody played for a long time at the little arcade toy. Brody had a ball someone made him out of aluminum foil and he was obsessed with it. Cameron had the two other balls and they played for quite some time throwing the balls in it. They are so cute together.
Christopher, Dad, Mom, Cameron, Me and Bret. My immediate family.

Our Helper

Cameron loves to help us with whatever we are doing. However, most the time it turns out more of a hinderance than a help. But its fun anyway! The other night he stole the vaccuum from me and started doing it himself, it was so funny! He refused to give it back to me so he finished that room, with my help of course.
Then Bret was putting some cabinet locks on our cupboards and Cameron loves Brets drill, so he jumped in to help. Each time a screw was put in Bret would let him hold down the trigger and screw it in. He was in heaven. He is going to be such a handy man when he grows up.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Another Ultrasound Picture (12wks)

This is a profile picture. I love how you can she his/her little nose, so adorable! The legs are hard to see but they are half way there, just the thighs and the rest of the leg is out of the picture. This picture is a little weird. This is as if you were looking baby in the face, you can see its skelatel structures in its face and then the other thing is its belly. A little alien but still cute!

Today was my scan to check my cervix length since I had a short cervix with Cameron at the end of my pregnancy. This time they are going to monitor its length via ultrasound a few times throughout my pregnancy. Today was my first, then again at my 20wk scan and again at 28wks. I am always so amazed at how much the baby has grown! I just saw it a week ago in my doc office and its has grown so much since then! Its 2.5 in long crown to rump, still tiny but it was a wiggler. The tech was having a hard time getting a heart rate number because it was moving so much she couldnt get the mouse over his/her heart. Finally she was able to get it and its heart rate was 170 bpm. Then a few times he/she streched out its legs and pushed off the side of my uterus. It did a few little flips too. Amazing. But everything looks good thus far, like I said they will check again at my 20wk scan. The baby is measuring a little bigger than my due date, according to my measurments I would be due the 6th instead of the 10th. But since its pretty close my due date will stay the same.

Monday, November 23, 2009

The Sunday Sacrament Spectacle

Im sure every parent feels like this is them. But I swear Im it every week! Cameron is a handful during Sacrament Meeting, he is impossible to keep quiet or calm or contained! We cant give him toys because he throws them across the chapel, its true, he chucks them quite far for someone his age. Even his binky, which is our only means of keeping him quiet, often ends up a few pews ahead of us. Yesterday we didnt make it 5 minutes. He was wiggling all over the place and trying to run down the pew on the seat to the people on the other end. Then he lost his sippy cup under the pew in front of us, so he was trying to crawl under to get it, but he kept pushing it further away, so we let him crawl all the way under to get it. Then he thought it was funny and wouldnt come back, we should have known. Then he crawled on the seat in front of us and stood up laughing. Im sure half the chapel was watching us wondering why we couldnt keep our child quiet. I know there has to be a light at the end of the tunnell, but where is it? Hopefully it will come in the next 6 months otherwise I dont know what we will do when there is a baby and a wild boy!!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

11 Week Ultrasound

(Its head on on the left, then its body and you can kinda see its little legs on the right)
Today was my doctors appointment and as always my doctor gave me an ultrasound. I just have to say I love this doctor. He is a different one then I had with Cameron, but he is 100 times better! He has an ultrasound machine in his office so he just has a little peek at each appointment. I couldnt believe how much the baby had grown! He snuck a scan in at Camerons appointment two weeks ago and my baby looked like a little bean. But now it looks like a baby! It was wiggling all over the place and moving its arms and legs like crazy. This is the best picture we could get cause it was so wiggly! We could see its little tiny feet kicking and it kept arching its back. I get to have another ultrasound next week or the week after to check my cervix length since I had problems with that when I was pregnant with Cameron. But this time I am going to the Medical Imaging place so it will be a better picture Im sure. I will post it when I get it! I am getting so excited for this little baby. Too bad I still have a LONG time to be pregnant before I get to meet it!

18 Months, already?!

On the 4th Cameron turned 18 months old. I cant beleive how fast the past 6 months have flown by! He is growing into such a little boy and not so much a baby anymore. He had his check up a few weeks ago and he is between 26 and 27lbs, he wiggled so much it was hard to get an accurate number. And he is 33" long. I love my doctor, he snuck in a quick peek for me at Camerons appointment and gave me a quick ultrasound too:) He is really talking a lot more now, Im sure Im still one of the few people who can understand most of what he says but he is really learning fast. He has a bit of a new obsession with dinosaurs and animals. But still in love with balls and cars as always! I am always surprised at how much he understands, he is getting very smart. But let me be the first to tell you he is quite the handful! He has so much energy and I swear he is hiding a few more arms somewhere. I cant beleive that we are now on the 6 month countdown to his 2nd birthday!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Intelligender... to believe or not to believe?

Today I took the test Intelligender and it says we are having a girl! Too bad its only 82% accurate so that leaves 18% of a possibility thats its wrong. I would be so excited to have a girl but would also love another boy. Im kinda torn as to which I want and which I think this baby is. I guess we will find out if Intelligender is right in 9 more weeks!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Baby Brother or Baby Sister?

You read it right.... IM PREGNANT!
So now the question is will Cameron get to have a little brother or sister? We have a few weeks still to find that out. I am due June 10th 2010 and Im 9 weeks along right now. Somehow I have a belly already, but I love it! We are so excited to have another sweet little baby enter our family. I had an ultrasound done at about 7 weeks and I got to see its little heartbeat. I would post a picture but it looks like a grain of rice so when I get another scan in a few weeks I will post that picture:)

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Trick or TREAT!

Mickey Mouse looking so cute:)
Camerons buddies Hank and Max, the two firemen. Cant you tell how excited they all are by their faces?

Cameron and Hank trick or treating together. Cameron caught on really fast. But he wouldnt say trick or treat, he would just yell in his own way "treat!" and then start grabbing candy out of the bowl.
The black nose rubbed off through the night but he still looked cute. Here he is walking around trick or treating. His bag got so heavy (at least for him) but he refused to let me carry it, he wanted to.
Me and my baby!
When we got home he decided to empy his bucket onto a chair and sort things out a little. He had such a great time and loved it! I cant wait for next year!

My Cutie!

It is very very rare that I get a decent picture of Cameron looking at the camera and smiling. He just learned to say "cheese" and look at the camera. So Halloween morning I put him in his festive shirt and said "come sit right here and say cheese." He did! And I got a good picture. Isnt he the cutest little thing ever!?

Halloween Treat with Grandma

Cameron really enjoys helping me cook. So on Halloween I thought it would be fun to make some yummy halloween cupcakes! My mom came down to help us and we had a lot of fun. At one point I just had the eggs and the water in the bowl and quick little Cameron grabbed it and spilled eggy water all over the place! But we cleaned up and there were no more messes after that.
Mixing the batter...
Filling the pan...
Frosting the cupcake...
Enjoying the cupcake!!

Pumpkin Parade at the YMCA

Cameron is in a class at the Y called toddler gym so twice a week we go and he gets to play in a big gymnastic room and do obstacle courses and sing songs. He loves it! Since it was Halloween in a few days they had everyone come in their costume and did the "Pumpkin Parade" where the kids get to go around the Y to different rooms and show off their costumes and trick or treat. He was a little confused the whole time but had fun anyway.

Me and Cameron and our good friends Kate and Oliver.

Cameron in the gym room playing with other kids, he was being kinda shy that day.
Enjoying his one of his lollypops on the way home!

Pumpkin Carving

Last year Cameron was way more into putting his hands in the gooey mess of the pumpkin. This year he wasnt so sure about it. He didnt want any of it on his hands so he used a spoon. I tried to get him to use his hands but I dont think it helped that Bret wont use his hands and wears gloves and uses a spoon so he wanted to be like daddy. But we had a lot of fun and I made tasty pumpkin seeds that night too!

Pumpkin Patch

This year we had a blast at the pumpkin patch. Cameron was able to participate and pick out his own pumpkin! He really liked the little white pumpkins so thats what he got. He was so funny, he kept trying to pick up all the pumpkins, big and small. Then we had a little accident. It was SO muddy and he slipped and face planted into the mud!! Luckily he was wearing two shirts so we took to top shirt off and tried to wipe him off as best we could but he was just a muddy mess from then on out. But that made it just that much more fun!!
Uh oh!! Here is Cameron covered in mud!
Here he is with his pumpkin he picked out. He loved riding in the wheel barrow.
Here are all our pumpkins.
Cameron examining his muddy self and feeling really confused.
While we were waiting for Bret to bring the truck around he started hugging the pumkins, it was so adorable!