Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Little Balls...

The other day I was filling my beanbag for newborn photography and Cameron insisted on helping. Of course a big mess was made in no time. Camerons new favorite chore to help with is vacuuming and sometimes I dump a little bit of Cheerios out and let him vacuum them up. So when it came time to clean up the mess of course he wanted to do it. He had soooo much fun! It entertained him for way longer than I thought it would. He kepts yelling "More little balls! More Mama!" I guess I will have to keep this in mind for a rainy day:)

Snuggle Buddies

In the morning while I get dressed my boys like to lay in bed together and watch cartoons together. I just thought it was a cute sight so I had to snap a picture! I tried to get one just before this of Cameron cuddling up with Connor but by the time I got my camera he had stopped. Love these boys!

My Grandma

As many already know my dear Grandma Compton passed away on September 25, 2010 at 1:20pm. She was very very sick and as much as I didnt want to loose her I was thankful she was freed of her pain and suffering. I had a really hard time with her death. I dont think I was really as prepared for her passing as I thought I was. Since I knew she was so sick and we had gone to visit her in July I thought I had prepped myself as best I could but no matter what you think I dont think your ever ready to let someone you love go. I know she was so happy to be reunited with her parents and sister on the other side. One of things I have a hard time with is that she will never know my future children and she wont be able to watch all of my children grow up. But really since she lived so far away and was unable to travel she didnt see them at all now so truely now she will be able to see them all the time and watch me and my family as we grow and change. I love my Grandma so much, she was the best Grandma anyone could ask for! I cant wait to see her again someday.

My Grandma, Lillie Deaton Wilkerson Compton. This photo was taken while she was in highschool.

Me on my Grandmas lap when I was a baby.

This was the last time I saw my Grandma alive. We were able to go see her in Indiana in July. I wish I had really realized this was my last time with her alive. I would have hugged her more and told her I loved her more times.

Monday, October 18, 2010

My Photography

I just posted pictures from all 5 of my sessions I had this weekend, have a peek and let me know what you think! www.madsenphotography.blogspot.com I had the opportunity to work with twins for the first time which was fun and a little crazy lol. I feel like my photos are improving every session and there is nowhere to go but better! Im loving this so much, its so much fun to meet all these new people and spend time with and meet so many beautiful children. Im thankful that my business is doing so well in such a short time!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Am I Crazy...?

I miss being pregnant. Im either insane and very very forgetful of what I just experienced a number of months ago or its just Heavenly Fathers way of making sure Im not done having kids...

Puyallup Fair 2010

I LOVE the fair and look forward to it every year. Now Im trying to instill the same excitment in my children. This year was Camerons first year he could ride rides and he loved it! We took him on the Tilt a' Whirl, me and my moms favorite ride, and that was a little too much for him. But other than that he enjoyed every second of his flying helicopters, driving cars, racing quads, etc. We gobbled up our own weight in scones and fair food Im sure but I loved it! Here are a few pictures from our adventure!
Yummy! Cotton Candy!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Quickie Family Pictures

Today after church my mom came over and so I took us all back to the river and asked my mom to snap a few photos for me. I just wanted one good picture of my family of four since I dont have one, is that too much to ask? Last time it turned to disaster. We went to the river, I set the camera settings for my mom and told her what I wanted and she took them quick before anyone could start screaming or running away and then I edited them real quick when we got home. Happily we got a few decent pictures. I like the first one the best and the others are extras. It was all I wanted, one photo of my family to hang on my wall. Thanks Mom!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Jammy Day

This morning I woke up and decided it was going to be a jammy day. We didnt have any plans and I didnt feel like fighting the kiddos to get ready to go anywhere. So we all showered and instead of putting on clothes we all put on a comfy pair of PJs. This is my kind of day! Cameron got excited when I told him he got to wear PJs all day. Here are a few pictures of my cute little guys in their comfies!

Are they not the cutest boys you have ever seen!?

4 Months

Connor turned 4 months old on the 2nd and I cant even believe it! I feel like he was just born and here he is only 2 months away from being halfway to 1! Time is going way to quickly. He is such a good little boy. He sleeps through the night and has since he was 8 weeks old. He has a really calm easy going personality. Every now and then he has a fussy day but overall he is really good. We lost the sleeping through church a few weeks ago, bummer. Cameron and Connor are starting to play a little bit together. Cameron loves to show Connor his toys and explain them to him. Its so cute. He will give Connor cars to hold and then he tells him all about the car.

Connor had his 4 month check up the other day. He is a growing boy that is for sure! He now weighs 14lbs 15oz, so almost 15lbs! And he is 24.75" long, almost 25". He is 50th percentile across the board. Funny because Cameron at this age was almost 20lbs!

Four things I LOVE about Connor:

1. His big smile. He has the most heart melting grin in the world. Its a huge open mouth grin that makes you smile yourself.

2. His giggle/squeal. I love it! I think its the best sound in the world. He is so ticklish so I spend a lot of time tickling and playing with him so I can hear it!

3. His calm disposition. He is so easy going. He pretty much will go to anybody, sit in anything (bumbo, bouncer, etc.), laugh at any and everything and just plain is a happy baby.

4. This one might sound corny or cheesy but I love that he is mine. I love that little boy so much. He makes me smile every day and brings so much happiness and joy to my life and our home as a family. I am so thankful to have been blessed with him in our lives.

New Things!

I love this age! From about 4-8 months is so much fun and so many new exciting things happen. The other day Connor had his first tase of rice cereal. He wasnt super fond of it, but do you blame him? I blended up some banana and mixed that into the rice cereal and then he liked it much better. He was pretty messy the first time he had it but he is getting better at swallowing it. I seriously cant believe my baby is this big already!
Welcome back, old friend! We spent a lot of time using this excersaucer with Cameron and here it is, back again. Connor isnt 100% in love with it yet, but he is starting to like it more and more. The problem is Cameron thinks its for him to play with so he smothers Connor in it trying to play with it himself. Cameron even climbs in when Connor isnt in it. Hopefully he will start leaving Connor alone so he can play with it!