Wednesday, July 28, 2010

8 Weeks Old

My little baby boy is already 8 weeks old! Im telling you, time is flying even faster than it did with Cameron! He is growing so fast and Im loving every second with him. He is really starting to fill out and chunk up, which I love. He smiles all the time now and is starting to make little squeal noises like he is going to laugh. For the past few weeks he has been "talking" a lot, making all kinds of "ah-goo" noises. He is such a great baby, he sleeps until 5:30am then wakes up to eat, falls back asleep and doesnt wake up again until 8-8:30am. To me thats amazing! Technically he will be 2 months on the 2nd of August which is in 5 days and he has his 2 month appt on the 5th. I cant wait to see how much he has grown!

Handy Man Cameron

My little cutie patootie! I cant help but love this kid! He is so funny. On the day I took these pictures he was lining up all his tools just so, as you can see in the picture. Then he was flipping his cars upside down and using his tools to "fix" them. He would carefully select a tool then use it on the bottom of the car and tell me it was fixed. Then he kept asking me to put on his goggles and vest and running around laughing. He is hilarious sometimes. I think he is going to grow up to be a handy man like Bret!

The Zoo

A few weekends ago we took a family trip to the zoo. It had been about a year since we had been and Cameron was so excited to see the animals! My favorite part was when Cameron and I got to feed the giraffes. I cant believe how huge they are up close. Cameron was so excited when the giraffe ate the lettace out of his hand.

Cameron also had a great time petting the goats. It was difficult keeping him from chasing them, since he loves to chase any and everything. But he did pretty good and had a lot of fun.
Connor also enjoyed his first trip to the zoo. At only about 4 weeks he just slept the whole time.
Cameron and Daddy looking at the Orangutans on the bridge.
Cameron and Daddy looking at elephants together. Cameron loves elephants.
Me and Cameron riding the carosel together. I was surprised, Cameron really wanted to get on, then once we were on he was scared and wouldnt sit on the horse. Once it started moving though he warmed up and had a blast. It just shocked me that he was scared of it.

I love going to the zoo, we all have such a great time together!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Connors Blessing

We blessed Connor on July 4th. It was a great time to do it because a lot of Brets family was in town for the holiday so they could stand in the circle. He looked so adorable in his little white tux, such a handsome little boy already! It was a beautiful blessing and he was quiet for the whole thing. Both times for my kids blessings I have been so worried that they would scream through the blessing, but both times they have been quiet. Im so thankful that Bret is a worthy priesthood holder and that he is able to bless our children.
Connor looking oh so hansome in his tux.
Cameron holding Connor before church. I sure have two adorable little boys!
Our little family of four.
My parents.
Brets parents.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Connors First Month

I cant believe my little baby is already 1 month old! I love him so much and Im so happy he is here and a part of our family. He is really a very good baby. Im excited to continue to watch him grow!
Our first week home.
1 week old.
2 weeks old.
3 weeks old.
One month old.

Brother Moments

Even though we definatly have our difficult moments and a tad bit of jealousy... Cameron really loves his little brother! I feel bad because lately he will say things like "put baby Connor in the swing Mama" or "No feed baby Connor Mama." But he is slowly but surely getting used to having a baby around. He loves to play with Connor. It can be a little dangerous to let them play together, Cameron has no concept of being careful, but we are getting there.
I just took this picture today:) Cameron was so excited to jump in the picture with his baby brother. Arent my boys adorable? :)
This is a toy that Cameron really enjoyed as a newborn. Unfortunatly I dont think Connor will get to enjoy it in the same way since everytime we pull it out Cameron jumps under it too and swings at the toys himself. But the two of them have fun under it together:)
The other day Cameron was playing with his cars and trucks and he told me he wanted Connor to watch him play. So I set the bouncer down by where Cameron was playing and Connor watched Cameron for a while. It was so cute, Cameron was explaining what he was doing. He would say things like "Look Connor! It scoops and dumps into the dump truck" and "Take the muck to the dump." So silly and such a boy. I have a feeling Connor is going to love playing with cars and trucks too!

I love watching my boys together, there are some very sweet moments. Cameron loves to give Connor kisses. Every morning he comes into my room and asks to see the baby. He helps me all the time and I can tell he loves his brother. I ask him "Do you love your baby brother?" And his response is "Yes" everytime:)


We are growing strawberries in our garden and Cameron is having such a fun time harvesting them and eating them.
This was our first harvest, we only got about 5 strawberries but they were yummy! Cameron was so proud of his little bowl of strawberries he picked. Now we have a TON of them, we cant even eat them fast enough!
Here he is just the other day helping me pick the strawberries. I have to watch him closely because if I dont he will pick the ones that arent ripe yet too! Its such a fun family project to have a garden. Now I cant wait for everything else to be ready for us to pick!

Toasty Hot

About a week ago we actually had a summer-like day and it was really warm in our house. My poor little guy was toasting so we stripped him down to the onesie and he zonked out in the heat. I thought he looked so cute in the swing snoozing the afternoon away:)