Monday, June 29, 2009

Swimming With Cousins

Last night after the party a few of us went to my in laws house to swim. It was so much fun, Cameron loves the pool! I am so glad he has so many cousins to play with. I just wish we all lived close together. Here are a few pictures from swimming.

Of course, Cameron loved playing with the ball and hoop. That kid loves balls!
Here is Dylan and Tessa.
Tessa, Dax and Emery playing in the pool.
Brooklyn in her cute little swim suit.

Rileys Birthday Party

Yesterday was our niece Riley's 6th birthday party! Here is me and the birthday girl.
It was a princess/pirate party. The girls dressed in princess gowns and the boys in pirate outfits. Here is Riley in her beautiful party gown.
Cameron was enjoying spending time with his cousin Easton who he hasnt seen since he was only 8 weeks old! I think this picture is cute. They were loungin' on the swing together.
Here they are playing in the sandbox together.
Here is Cameron and Dylan playing together in the sandbox. Cameron has never met Dylan before, actually neither had Bret or I. So we were excited to meet him.

It was a really fun party. We love getting together with family. I wish I had taken more pictures. Happy Birthday Riley!!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Garage Sale Hopping

My good friend across the street and I have been going garage sale hopping on our Friday walks. We have found some good little treasures. We always take some change or a little cash with us and wander about to find good deals. We always have a ton of garage sales going on in our town during this time of year. Here are a few of my favorites;
Bench for our backyard, I love the color. It was handmade and I only paid $30 for it.
Last year I bought the things my apples are in and painted them black, then this year we found the thing I have around them for only $1! My friend actually bought it but couldnt figure out where to put it so she gave them to me.
This bowl I got from a charity garage sale for the deaf and it was $2. Still had the tags on it so it was brand new and its original price was $25!
I just got this cut little bench today for only $15. I put it on my front porch, isnt it cute!?

I got these box shelves, which I have yet to put up, or should I say Bret has yet to put up. They were $2 for all three of them.
The books I got for $1 a peice and the lantern was $2. I love old books.
The cloth I got for $1, the birdhouse was $1 and the picket fence was $1. The other thing I already had. Perfect or my "Americana" bathroom.
Another thing for my bathroom, this was $2.
And one more Americana thing, this was 25cents!
I bought the vase for $1 and did my own arrangment in it.

Its so much fun to find good deals and decorate your home inexpensivly. I also found a little thing that cooks hot dogs, like the ones in gas stations how it rolls the hot dogs along the grill. Bret had been saying he wanted one, and I found one last week brand new for $5! In time for Fathers day!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Vegitables of my Labor

My garden has grown a ton in the last few weeks. Its such a fun project and fun to go out and check on it everyday. We have been getting lots of strawberries and Cameron loves them! I harvested my leaf lettace today and enjoyed a yummy salad with it for lunch. Its amazing if you look back at my post in the end of May and compare the pictures. That was when it was just popping up, not its really growing!
Here is my yummy salad. I soaked some strawberries in balsamic vinegar and mixed it into the salad as my dressing. It was so good! Its cool to eat something you have grown yourself.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Cameron Gets a Haircut

Yesterday I decided to give up the reins to someone with experience in cutting wiggly baby hair. I have cut his hair twice and it was such a fight and never turned out how I wanted. So I wanted to see if someone else could do a good job. We took him to a kids haircut place and they did a pretty good job. She gave him a sucker, which hes has never had before, so I think that helped. He loved it!! He was still really wiggly and cried a bit. But at the end he started to have fun. I was trying to let his hair grow out a bit but we have family pictures with Brets side of the family next week so I wanted him to look sharp. He looks like such a handsome young man!
Here was the best "before" picture I could get.
Now he was starting to have fun.

Here he is back at home with is handsome hair cut, eating a car, of course...

Fathers Day

Well, I meant to take pictures of Cameron, Bret and my dad still in church clothes, but obviously that didnt happen. By the time I remembered to take pictures Cameron was in his PJs and falling apart at the seams. So he doesnt look very happy, but oh well. For fathers day we went to my parents house for dinner. We dont get really fancy for Mothers or Fathers Day but it was a fun day and we spent it together. I am so thankful for Bret, he is such a wonderful father and husband. Im grateful for all that he does to provide for our family.
(I wanted to get a picture of Cameron and Richard but when we went over they werent home from Maggies parents yet)

Date Night

On Saturday night my parents watched Cameron for us so we could go out to dinner, alone! There is a little place on Alki called "Pegasus Pizza" that we used to eat at all the time when we were dating. So we dropped him off and thats where we went. It was fun to have a few hours together without a baby. I love Alki, the tide was high so we couldnt really go on the beach. But I plan on taking Cameron one day when its warm out, I think he would love it!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Cars and Some Messy Business

This morning Bret went golfing so it was just me and Cameron. When we woke up Cameron had wet through his pjs so I took them off and gave him a clean diaper. He ran around in his diaper for a bit and I decided to check my email. I was on the computer facing away from him for maybe 3 minutes and I could hear him playing. I will spare the pictures I took, but while I was turned around he managed to take his diaper off, poop on my kitchen floor and smear it all over the floor and himself... I seriously had looked at him, looked at my email, read one, heard him playing, looked at him again and there was the "poop art" everywhere! Kids are so fast! I have no idea how on earth he got his diaper off. But now that I know he can take it off it will be the end of letting him run around in his diaper.

Then when Bret got home we took Cameron to a car show that was going on in town and met up with some of our friends. It was his first car show, Bret was so proud. Here are a few pictures. I think he had fun. He would have had more fun if we had let him touch all the cars, but that was off limits.
Bret and Cameron admiring a car.
Bret and Cameron.
My friend Carrie(whos about to have a baby!), me and Cameron at the show.

I can do it!

Cameron learned how to climb up onto the couch by himself. This made him SO happy! He is so cute, he loves to climb up there and he laughs so hard and smiles, he runs back and forth giggling. I think we must sit on the couch too much cause he will sit down and pick up the remote and point it to the TV. Funny kid.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

The Zoo!

Today we took Cameron to the Zoo for the first time. He loves animals and he is finally really able to understand a bit more so we thought it would be about time to take a trip there. He had a lot of fun! And so did we. We had no idea but there was a walk or a marathon or something going on right on the streets outside the zoo so we couldnt drive up to the zoo like normal cause all the roads were closed... So we had to walk forever up a big old hill, for any of you who have been to Point Defiance you will know what hill I mean. It was exhausting but we got a good workout trying to get to the zoo.
The peacocks just roam around the zoo, so we followed this one for a bit. Cameron was fascinated by them. I think we scared him!
Cameron found a little friend while we were looking at the Meerkats. They looked at them together and talked a bit in their kid jibberish. Bret couldnt take his eyes off them, they just kept digging holes, deeper and deeper. These were funny animals to watch for sure.
We have discovered Cameron loves goats. He always points to them in his books and he loved feeding them today. They had a little petting zoo/ feeding area for goats and one sheep. We bought some of the pellets and let Cameron feed them. He really really enjoyed this. I think this was his favorite part of the whole day. The pellets were big enough he could hold it out and the goat would eat it right out of his fingers without our help. This goat was a hog, he wouldnt let any other goats in to eat. I really liked this part too.
My parents have parakeets so we arent strangers to them at all. Cameron is alway fascinated by them when we go over to my parents, and today there were 10x as many birds. He loved it! We tried to feed some but obviously they werent hungry because they werent coming to anyone to eat.
He really liked the fish.
Stylin' sunglasses. He looks like he is making a zoolander face, but he was just in the midst of eating.
He is getting really good at using his pointer finger so he was pointing at everything today. In this picture he was pointing to the sea lion swimming around in the water.
I took Cameron on his first Carosel ride! He laughed so much and had so much fun! Everytime we would go around and see Bret he would wave to him and then once we had passed him he would crack up. I love "firsts." Its so fun to see him get to experience things for the first time, we forget how fun the little things can be.
Here is Bret pushing Cameron down the hill on our hike back to the car. I swear it was probably about 1 1/2 miles that we walked!
Me and my sweet little boy, I love him so much!
I cant wait to go back to Zoo for a second time!