Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Mini-Van Momma

Last night we purchased a brand spankin' new Honda Odyssey! I am in love with it! Its got all kinda of handy cool features and a ton of room. It has a DVD built in so Cameron can watch movies and I can control everything from the front, leather interior, automatic open doors with the push of a button on my keypad, automatic rear hatch, a back up camera that appears in my rear view mirror when the car is in reverse, the list could go on and on. I am so excited to have so much more space in the car now that we will be adding another carseat, and I will still have seats in back in case I have more people in the car. I never ever thought I would be excited about a mini van, in fact the funny thing is that when Bret and I got married we had a very specific conversation about how I would never want a mini van... well here we are almost 5 years later and I wanted one. So, Im officially a Morman Mini-Van Mommy!

Monday, March 29, 2010

What do you think?

Above is my 3D picture of Connor done at 29 weeks...
This is my 3D scan of Cameron at 33 weeks...

So do they look alike to you??

The Great Egg Hunt

Last week Camerons toddler gym class at the YMCA had an Easter Egg Hunt! They do it every year, this was his second one. So we showed up with basket in hand ready to find some eggs! It was a lot of fun this year because he understood what he was supposed to do, and boy did he do it. He shot off like a gun and found as many eggs as he could, he had a ton of fun. Here are a few pictures from it.
Waiting patiently during singing/circle time for the egg hunt to begin.
Cameron and his buddy Oliver waiting for the egg hunt to start. They started getting a little impatient at this point.
Cameron filling his basket with eggs.
Look at all those eggs he got! I actually had to stop him because he was getting so many I was worried it was unfair to the other kids.
Cameron and Oliver enjoying their treats.
Here he is showing me his loot!
You can tell how happy he was to be taking a picture with me, huh? He was mad that I pulled him away from his candy filled basket to take this photo.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Belly Update/Comparison

Well, its been just over 10 weeks since we found out Connor was a boy and I took this picture below, so I thought it would be fun to see how much my belly (and I) have changed in 10 weeks time. So I put on the same shirt, which is getting a tad short these days, and took another picture.
Here is my belly at 19 weeks along...
Here I am today at 29.5 weeks. Getting bigger. It was much cuter when it was small and round... Only 74 days until Connor is due!

A Big Boo-Boo

On Thursday Cameron fell and hit his eye on his Little Tykes Car, poor little baby split his eyebrow open! Its hard to see in this picture but I was worried he needed stitches. Luckily it didnt bleed much but it was a clean gash and I wasnt sure if it would heal well on its own. But after talking with his doctor we decided against stitching it and it is healing pretty well. The next morning he woke up with a black eye too, so he looks so sad right now. Its so hard to see your little one get hurt like that! All night and the next day and even still he continues to remind us that he got a boo-boo on his race car.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Baby Update and 3D Picture!

Today I had an ultrasound to check my cervix length since I had a short one with Cameron around this time in my pregnancy. Everything is looking great with the baby! Im glad to say he is now head down instead of breech. He is a wiggly guy, he was rolling all over while she was trying to get pictures, although he didnt want to move his hands from in front of his face. And he happened to have a foot up by his forehead for part of the scan too, how uncomfortable! But we managed to get this shot of him in the brief seconds he had his hands slightly out of the way. I think he looks a lot like Cameron did in his 3D pictures. Seeing his little face makes me so excited to hurry up and meet him! I cant wait to have him here and get to see what he looks like and what kind of personality he will have. I hope the next 11 weeks go quickly!

Chris' Farewell and Family

On Sunday we had Christophers Farewell even though he doesnt check into the MTC until April 14th, he was asked to speak this day. We had a few members of my dads side of the family come to visit and be there, my dads sister Jeanie and her husband Gene and his other sister Linda and two of her daughters Denise and Krista. It was so much fun seeing them all! Especially since we very rarely get to see them. Denise and I figured out it had been 12 years since we last saw eachother. And the others I dont think I have seen since my wedding!
Saturday night we went out to Claim Jumper for dinner. It was delicious!
Sunday after Sacrament Meeting. Christopher gave a great talk on the Preisthood. He is all suited up and ready for that mission!
Sunday evening we went to Alki, here is Bret with Cameron looking at the boats and cranes.
Cameron obviously very excited about the water...
(L to R) Krista, Me, Denise, Chris and Linda

Photography Class

On Saturday I took a photography class and I learned a lot! Im so excited to try out what I learned and see how my pictures turn out. I feel like in just the past few weeks messing around on my own I have gotten better so I know this class will really help! I have a photo session tomorrow with a baby for his first birthday and I will for sure be trying out everything I learned. I just took some really cute pictures of Cameron the other day, go look at them at

Friday, March 12, 2010

Another Messy Cooking Post and Bubbles!

The other day I had a ton of baking to get done and Cameron didnt take a long enough nap for me to finish while he was asleep. So I let him help me. In order to keep him occupied long enough I let him lick the beaters from the frosting and he was chowing down on the frozen blueberries for the muffins. He got to be a huge mess! So the cleaning up was the fun part. He has recently developed an obsession with bubbles, so he loves bubble baths. It was a lot of fun cooking and then cleaning up. Just ignore the crazy mess behind him...
Here he was mad at me because I wouldnt give him anymore blueberries, what a face!
What a cute boy!!

Sleepy Daddy

The other night I came home to find my husband was nowhere to be found. So I checked in Camerons room and there he was, zonked out himself. I thought it was funny and cute so I snapped some pictures.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Big Belly and New Bangs

Im almost 27 weeks along. Im really starting to wonder where else this baby is going to go! I dont know how much more room is in there:) I feel like at this rate Im going to be HUGE by the time I deliver. And I gave myself some new bangs yesterday!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Alki Beach

On Saturday we went up to my inlaws to do my sister in law and her moms hair. Afterward, it was such a beautiful day outside we didnt want to waste it. So since we were already halfway there, we headed up to Alki Beach. Cameron went to this beach the summer he was born, and he has been back a few times but its always been cold weather and we were just stopping in to eat or something. So this time I wanted him to be able to play!
Mommy and Cameron, its so hard to get a picture of him, he was trying to get away from me!

Beautiful Alki. Bret and I used to come here all the time when we were dating. I love this place! We didnt really go down to the sandy beach area, it was pretty crowded and I didnt want sand everywhere.

Cameron throwing rocks into the water, thats all he wanted to do here.

His reaction to seeing the boats, he was so excited!
Cameron and Daddy throwing rocks into the water together.
This picture is funny. Just as I snapped the photo, Cameron threw a rock that missed my head by about a half inch. Hence Brets surprised look and Camerons big grin.
Mommy and Cameron walking along the beach.
After a while of rock throwing, Cameron discovered the SeaGulls. He is in love with birds and gets so excited whenever he sees them. So he chased them around for a while. In this picture he had just scared a bunch of them off so he was saying "wow."

The three of us, obviously Cameron is more interested in something down the beach.
He also really likes dogs. So since it was a beautiful day out there were a ton of pet owners walking their dogs around. This super nice lady let Cameron pet her dog, he was so happy.
After all the fun at the beach we headed to dinner at our favorite restaurant on Alki, Pegasus Pizza. Its amazing! We used to eat here all the time when we were dating and first married. We love this place. Cameron is really into playing with straws, so of course here he is!

It was such a wonderful day with my family:)

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Tacoma Childrens Museum

Yesterday my friends Kate and Brittani and I took our boys to the Tacoma Childrens Museum. It was so much fun!! The boys had a blast and so did we. Afterward we had lunch at The Old Spaghetti Factory, it was delicious!
Cameron and I playing with blocks. This kiddo is obsessed with building tall towers. We have the same blocks at home and I swear I build at least 20 towers a day!
All three boys, Cameron, Janson and Oliver, drawing beautiful chalk pictures.
They have this whole area about food, growing it, buying it, etc. Here is Cameron loading fruits and veggies into the back of the delivery truck. I have to say other than the blocks this area was by far Camerons favorite.
Here are the boys putting apples (and potatoes for some reason) on the tree.
Here you had to turn the crank to get the bird to the top and then it would light up. Cameron was really good at turning the crank.
This was in the Art Studio. He was coloring a picture. It was very important that he use the skinny markers. We tried to give him the fatter ones but no, they wouldnt do. I thought about letting him finger paint, but decided it wouldnt be a wise choice if we wanted to walk out of there somewhat clean.
The main reason we went was because I had never been and was trying to find a place to have Camerons 2nd birthday party, which as of today is only 2 months away!! I cant believe it. So, since they had so much fun I decided this was the place. I cant wait to go back for his party!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

My New Adventure

I just started a photography website for myself! I am taking a class this month and am hoping to learn a lot on my own as well. There isnt really much on there now, but check it out:)

Our Neverending Project

Last summer we started a project to build a firepit in our backyard. We peeled away all the grass and Bret dug a hole.... and that was about as far as it got. So over winter it just sat and grew moss, which I actually kinda like although I wish there were stones or something for the grass to grow between. So all of a sudden Bret got a fire in his pants to start working on it again, and Im not going to complain, it would be fun to be able to actually have it done so we can use it. So last weekend he set out to build a concrete mold and pour the concrete. First he had so level out the hole so Cameron happily obliged in helping play in dirt.
Helping Daddy dig the hole.
Digging in the dirt.
Playing in the dirt.
Dirty bottom!!
I LOVE this picture, he looks so cute! Always helping:)
So Bret thought we could get away with just 8 bags of concrete... we used 23 after all was said and done. Here he is mixing and pouring the concrete into the mold he built.
My handsome hubby, happily at work:)
Now it has been setting up for a few days and we havent had time where there was daylight to pull the mold off. So as soon as we get out there and take it off I will post a picture. Now all we have to do is put rocks down around it and Bret is hopefully going to build some benches to go around it. I cant wait for it to be done! Lets hope it doesnt take us until the summer of 2011 to get any more work done on it!