Thursday, August 19, 2010


I cant believe my eyes! My baby is growing like a weed and Im half loving it and half wishing he would just stop and stay a little baby for forever. Its so much fun to watch him grow and learn. He is giggling and smiling all the time now. He is 11 weeks old already. He is so much fun and such a wonderful pleasure to have in our family!

Double Trouble Bathtime

The other night Connor was being a tad bit fussy so we decided to put him in the bath to calm him down, of course Cameron couldnt let Connor have all the fun and insisted that he join in. So we put them both in and Cameron had a blast and Connor calmed down so it worked! I love my cute little boys!

Oh Dear....

The other day I was brushing my teeth and while doing so Cameron ran off to play with his toys, or so I thought... When I finished I heard a muffled "Mama, mama" coming from the other room. So I ran in to see what he was doing and be sure he was ok just to find him shut in the dryer laughing. Oh what a boy.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Blue Angels

We went with our friends Kate and Alex and their son Oliver to see the Blue Angels on Friday. It was so much fun! I was worried it would scare Cameron and especially Connor but it didnt bother either one of them. Connor pretty much slept through most of it and didnt even flinch and Cameron had such a great time! Poor Oliver didnt really like the sound and so Kate had to have her hands over his ears most of the time, but he eventually warmed up to it.
Me and Kate in Genesee Park on our way to see the Blue Angels.
Cameron inside the Lego Lion!

Connor was such a good baby the whole time! I am so blessed with such a great little guy.

Cameron flying his Blue Angel.
Cameron and Oliver watching the planes fly by.
Me holding Connor, he was snoozing away!
Crummy picture of the Blue Angels. Its amazing how close they fly and how low they can fly. They are so loud and they fly right over your head!
Alex used to be a Marine so he took the Marine Challenge to see how many pull ups he could do in a row. I think he did 12 or something so he won a hat!
I cant wait to do this again next year!

Sunday River Walk

Last Sunday we decided to go on a family walk along the river behind our house. It was so much fun to spend some good quality time together as a family. Cameron loves going to the river so he was very happy!
Cameron loves to throw rocks into the river, he could do it for hours! While we were there a few guys came by and were doing donuts in the sand on dirt bikes. Cameron was in heaven! He loves to watch and kind of vehicle, cars, trucks, motorcycles, dirt bikes, etc. We just might have to make this a Sunday afternoon tradition.

2 Month Check Up and Sleeping Through The Night!

Connor had his 2 month check up the other day. He was 9 weeks old on the day of the appointment and he weighed 11lbs 10oz and was 22.5in long. He has grown a lot! Its funny because Cameron weighed that much at 4 weeks old! Already they have different builds. Im very interested to see how he grows. He has a little hernia but it should go away on its own in the next few months. Overall he is a very healthy growing little boy!

Another peice of news is that Connor is sleeping through the night now! He started a few nights ago and has been doing it since. He wakes up around 6am to eat and then usually sleeps again until 8-8:30am. He is really such a great baby. He rarely cries although lately for some reason he has been getting pretty fussy at night between 7-9pm. And he loves to just hang out in his bouncer while I do what I need to do. I love this boy!

4th of July

This post is well over due, I have been meaning to post about it since the 4th but we suddenly had to leave to Indiana right after and I have been so busy lately! So, finally I found a moment to get it done!

Just like every year we spent the 4th of July at my inlaws house on Puget Sound. Cameron was afraid of the fireworks at first. On the 3rd some people were doing fireworks on our street and Cameron was crouched in a corner crying he was so afraid. Luckily on the 4th we got him convinced he was ok and he really enjoyed the fireworks.
Cameron looking at a pop it, he loves those things! We saved a few boxes for another day.
Bret doing the pop its with Cameron, Grace, Peyton and Brody.
Me and Bret :)
Connor was 4 weeks old on the 4th of July so he slept pretty much the entire time!
All of us out in the backyard doing fireworks.
Cameron and Bret. Bret was making a "scared" face because Cameron wouldnt smile for me. He was still afraid of the fireworks at this time.
Me and Cameron. At this point he was starting to warm up to the fireworks.
My mom holding Connor on the porch. Im sure she loved holding the baby!
Now he finally let us set him down and he was really starting to enjoy the fireworks!
Bret and Jon building a bondire on the beach. Mia posing:)
Me and Cameron watching fireworks together.
We had such a fun 4th! We always love family gatherings.

Monday, August 2, 2010


Our firepit is still a work in progress but its complete enough to use it! So Saturday night we had some summertime fun and made s'mores. They were delicious!
Cameron putting a marshmellow on his stick.
Connor hanging out in his bouncer by the fire.
Cameron and Daddy roasting marshmellows.


Here are pictures I did of my boys this weekend. I finally got Camerons 2yr photos done!
Cameron 2 years 3 months old.
Connor 9 weeks old.