Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas Afternoon

A picture of Mt Rainier we took a little trip out to get. It looked so beautiful on Christmas and we wanted to test out our new camera.
My family came over Christmas day to open gifts and celebrate. My Aunt Jenny was in town which was a lot of fun. We only get to see her about every 6 months.
Cameron helping my Dad open one of his gifts. We got him a BYU sweatshirt and some ties.
Cameron laying on his Mickey hooded towel my parents got him. That kiddo loves Mickey Mouse! They also got him some Mickey PJs and my brother got him the dinosaur he is holding.
My brother in his new BYU sweatshirt and showing off his CTR ring we got him.
My mom with her picture of the Provo Temple I made her. We also got her Star Trek the new movie.

My aunt got us an Olive Garden gift card and some really yummy chocolate! Bret got a Seahawks shirt and I got a Michaels gift card. We also got an external harddrive to backup all our fabulous pictures we have taken!

After Camerons nap we took him for a walk to the park behind our house in his new buggy car. He had so much fun!
My mom and Aunt Jenny.
Cameron in his buggy car, really enjoying himself.
Christopher, Jenny and Me.
Me and Jenny.

Christmas Morning 2009

This Christmas was so much fun! Cameron actually understood a little bit, at least he understood the concept of opening gifts and he got excited about them. He was so cute! My grandparents got him the little tikes car and we had it set up for him when he came down in the morning. He loves it! He is so cute riding around in it.
Cameron opening his stocking. He got a firetruck, a few hot wheels and the Fisher Price kids medical kit. (Maybe if we play doctor sometimes he wont hate the doctor as much...maybe?)
Riding around in his car with his new construction vest on.
Playing with his GeoTrax from Grandma and Grandpa Madsen.
Opening up his tools, he loves these!! He wanders around the house "fixing" things. He calls them "toos."
Cameron with all his toys from Santa, plus the car from his Great Grandparents.
Scary morning makeup-less me... laughing at Brets wrapping job. He got me Adobe Photoshop so I can hopefully start pursueing photography a little bit like I want to with our new camera from his parents (Nikon D3000). He wrapped it in a giant box with car brakes in it to make it seem heavy. Silly, but he did have me fooled!
Bret with his new golf bag. I got him this and a shop vac, also Cameron picked out a model car for him.
We had a great Christmas morning together as a family!

Madsen Christmas Party

We had our get together with Brets family on Christmas Eve. Its always a blast being with them! Unfortunatly some of them werent there and stayed at home out of state and we missed them.
Our little family, just ignore Cameron picking his nose...
Everyone opening gifts in the living room.
Cameron with one of his gifts. He had so much fun opening his presents, he loves unwrapping things.
Cameron and Brody ended up having matching vests, we had no idea and didnt plan it! They are always so cute together. Here they are riding around in a big box together.
Grandma and Grandpa Lowen opening gifts.
I was very excited because we got a new camera, a good one! Its a Nikon D3000 and it takes wonderful pictures! I just need to learn all the ins and outs of it, Im hoping to take a photography class soon, but I have to find one that works with our schedule.
Cameron got a Cars GeoTrax which he loves and some cute Gymboree clothes from his grandparents. And he got a car transporter truck (above), a camoflage coat and legos from his cousin Colby who drew his name.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Holiday Pictures

I took Cameron to get his belated 18 month/Holiday photos today. He is SO hard to photograph. These were the best we could get. He was either trying to run away or mad at us for trying to make him sit/stand still. But at least I got a few good ones! He is so adorable, I sure love my little boy. Im so thankful to have him as my son:)

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Boy or Girl? You Guess!

I got to schedule my ultrasound today for when we get to find out the sex of our baby. I cant wait to know so I can start saying he or she instead of "it" or "the baby." So I want to take a poll and see what everyone thinks! I put a poll on the side of my blog, make a guess and lets see who is right! My appointment is January 15th, so we have 4 weeks of guessing!

A Peek At Our Baby

Today was my 15 week check up and my lovely doc once again gave me an ultrasound. I sure love this doctor! I am having so much fun this pregnancy seeing our little baby so often. It has grown so much in the past few weeks! I love this picture because its sucking its thumb and you can see all its bones in its hand. I put captions so you know what your looking at.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Cameron loves his "Boos"

In case your wondering his "boos" are his rain boots, thats what he calls them. I saw these at Target some time ago but they were always out of his size. The other day I happened upon a pair in his size, finally! He is in love with them! He insists on wearing them around the house or honestly as often as I will let him. The other morning he wanted to wear them right after he got up. I had to snap a picture cause he looked so cute with his pjs and boots!
Then after I took him out of his pjs (I often let him run around in a onesie cause he likes it) he once again insisted on wearing them. This was hilarious looking! He started being very evasive and running away from me so this was the best picture I could get. So adorable still!

Updated Belly Picture

Just like my pregnancy with Cameron I am going to take a "belly picture" about every 4 weeks. So here is my latest one. I am just about 15 weeks along (will be tomorrow).

Friday, December 11, 2009

Visiting Santa... An Interesting Experience

I took Cameron to see Santa this morning and he was not in the mood for a smile. I have been talking about it with his for the past few weeks and he seemed excited to see Santa. But as soon as he sat on his lap and noticed I wasnt there he started screaming. So, this is the best we could get. I supposed every kid has a picture with Santa like this. At least his outfit is cute!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Cute/Funny Moments

Cameron has been doing such silly things lately that just crack me up! Here are a few I caught on camera...
Reading the newspaper ads. Each week Bret and I sit on the couch with the ads between us and check them out. Lately Cameron has started in on it too. He picks out an ad he wants, usually Big 5 and he reads it and points to the pictures. So funny!
A few weeks ago my brother spent the night so he could watch Cameron for me while I got an ultrasound. When we came downstairs Cameron started putting the blocks on Christopher and this is what it turned out to be, he was covered in a mound of blocks. The funny part is that he put them on him one by one and then took the back off one by one.
Lately Cameron has really enjoyed watching cartoons in the mornings and then at night when before he goes to bed. Every now and then he sits on the couch and pulls his blanket up and wraps himself up in it. I just think its cute!
This blow up ducky was used in the bath before when he was between and infant bath and being able to sit in the bath on his own. But now he thinks its the best toy ever! The other day he put it up on the couch, climbed up into it and started chatting on the phone as if he were having a complete conversation with someone on the other line. Such a funny boy.

Chocolate Thief

The other day while I was baking Cameron got ahold of my baking chocolate squares and ran off with them. I found him sitting in his ducky chowing down! He was really proud of himself. I let him munch for a minute and then decided he had had enough for the night and he was not happy to let it go.
Yum, Yum!
Messy chocolate face!

Lighting Our House

Cameron had so much fun helping Bret put up the lights last week. He is always such a good helper and loves doing whatever we are doing.

Christmas Tree

The day after Thanksgiving we set up our Christmas decorations. This is my very favorite thing to do! I love having all my decorations up. This year was really fun because Cameron got to help.
Since Daddy wont allow a real tree (he hates the smell, who hates the smell of a Christmas tree?) we have a fake one. So you have to put it all together and seperate all the branches. Cameron is helping Bret do this and he was having a blast!
Helping put the ornaments on the tree. This turned out to be more work than fun, we had to keep Cameron from destroying the ornaments on their way to the tree.
The finished product!
Now we have to keep him away from the tree. He is obsessed with taking the ornaments off and taking them apart or playing with them. Lets just say we have spent a lot of time in time out trying to teach him not to play with the tree.
He is in love with turning the tree on. He comes down every morning when he wakes up and says "on, on!" He loves the tree despite all our troubles with keeping him away from it.