Sunday, January 31, 2010

Helping Daddy

After painting Camerons new room yesterday I decided I wanted Bret to put up a peice of trim (chairrail) to see what it looked like. Cameron was of course more than willing to help/hinder with the job. He grabbed a few of his tools and brought them upstairs to help Daddy.
This is what it will look like with the chair rail on. I am going to make the black piece a road by putting yellow vinyl dashes in it like on a road. Then I will be cutting out cars, trucks, busses, etc. In all kinds of colors to put on top (cream area) like they are driving on the road. I think it will be really cute! And Im excited because I know Cameron will love it. He loves anything with trucks and cars.
Cameron got bored of helping and decided to play on his big boy bed. I cant wait to get the mattress in the frame we are building! I cant believe my boy is big enough for all this already!

21 weeks and....

amazingly I discovered I can still fit in my pre-pregnancy skinny jeans! I really wanted to wear them when we went out last night, so I decided it was worth a shot to try them on and to my amazement, they actually fit! I could even button them and everything. I am hoping that this pregnancy leads to less weight gain then my last one, I am working out a few times a week and I have a crazy toddler I chase around all day. Lets hope its enough to keep too many of the pounds off!

Building Cameron a Bed

Bret is building a bed frame for a twin bed for Camerons new room. We figured it would save some money since we already have a twin mattress. I am very lucky to have such a handy husband. We bought all the wood Friday night and Saturday afternoon he went to work on it. Dont be fooled by the pictures, I did some work too, sanding and such. Bret worked really hard and busted out something discernable as a bed in a matter of hours. I know right now Cameron wont understand, but one day he will appreciate the work Bret put into building this for him.
Drilling the holes for the pegs...
Its starting to look like a bed now... Putting together the end peices...
Ta-Da! It looks like a bed. We still have a bit more work to do, right now the top peices are holding it all together so the glue can dry. Then we need to stain it and put in the crossboards for under the mattress. But hopefully by next weekend it will be ready to sleep in!

My Tim Taylor

For anyone who has seen a single episode of Home Improvement you know that Tim Taylor is constantly trying to "upgrade" things by makind them faster or more powerful. Well, I seem to have a husband who does the same thing on occasion. The other night he was on a mission to make Camerons power wheel have better steering and he was trying to figure out if he could make it faster. Luckily we had no disasters like Tim Taylor usually does, but he isnt finished with it yet, so we will see.

Friday, January 29, 2010

The Mission Call Is Here!

My brother Christopher just got his mission call last night. He is going to West Virginia! He will be in the Charleston West Virginia Mission. He reports to the MTC in Provo, UT on April 14th. I am so excited for him!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Silly Kiddos

This morning I did my friend Jen's hair and her daughter Delany and Cameron got to play together. They were being really quiet so I went to see what they were up to and they had put almost every toy in our living room behind the baby gate. It was a giant pile!
It stacked all the way to the top of the baby gate.
Then while I was cutting Delanys hair, Cameron wanted his toys back. So we opened the gate and they all rushed out. It was like in the movies when someone opens a closet and everything falls out on them. It was so funny that they did this I had to take pictures.

Park in January

The other day it was beautiful out all day and relitivly warm considering it was January. So my friend and I took our kids to the park behind our houses. They had a ton of fun running around and playing.

Courtneys son Max, isnt he adorable!? He has such bright blue eyes. I was kinda playing with my new camera and got this picture of him, so cute! Cameron getting ready to go down the slide. He loves slides!
Cameron and Hank were making piles of sawdust and rocks. Whatever makes them happy, right?

Cameron and Hank collecting rocks and putting them on the toy.
Ready, set, go! Cameron about to go down the slide.

Bouncy Play Date

On Wednesday we went to the Bouncy Place in Kent with our friends Courtney, Hank and Max. Cameron is always kinda hit or miss with bouncy toys, he either loves them or hates them, you never know what your gonna get. This time he didnt want to do anything without me, but its kinda hard to climb up some of that stuff when you have a watermelon shaped belly. He still had fun though and enjoyed our playdate. Thanks for letting us tag along, Courtney!
Running circles inside a bouncy toy.
Cameron and Hank climbing up a toy.
Playing with the blocks inside the bouncy toy.

Saturday, January 16, 2010


Today is my 24th birthday! It started off a little rocky considering last night my wallet was lost/stolen and we had a lot of running around to do to try to get me everything I need. But it turned out great! I got to spend the whole day with my family, which of course makes me happy:) Bret took me to dinner at the Melting Pot which had become our tradition each year since its my favorite restaurant. The best present I got was getting to find out we are having another little boy yesterday. I am so excited and it was an awesome birthday gift. We were trying to get a picture of Bret and I before we left for our date but Cameron insisted on being in the photo as well:) All in all I had a great birthday! Thanks Mom and Christopher for watching Cameron for us so we could go out!

Friday, January 15, 2010

And the baby is.........

My belly at 19 weeks along. A BOY!!!
Introducing Connor Deaton Madsen
The top picture is his little profile, so cute! And the second picture is his foot and leg, look at those cute little toes! He was folded in half for most of the scan, his feet were up by his head. But he finally wiggled a little bit so the ultrasound tec could get a good spine picture. We are so excited to welcome another sweet little boy into our family, now I cant wait to meet him!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Growing Up!

I havent written a post in a while about what Cameron is up to these days. He is 20 months old now and he is growing and changing daily. His vocabulary is blooming quite rapidly. His favorite things to say are Where is it?, There it is!, our house and hom, blocks, bus, please and pretty please, more, he like to say "uh huh" when I ask questions, baby (and he kisses my tummy), on and off, etc. I could go on and on. He loves to communicate and he cracks us up with the things he does and says. He is a total copy cat right now and copies anything you do. The other day I said "darn" so now he walks around saying it! He is quite the climber too, he can climb up anything. He has figured out how to use his stool to his advantage and uses it to reach all kinds of things. He also loves to play in water, so he goes in the bathroom sometimes and turns the water on so he can splash in it. He is a very very busy boy, but very sweet and loving. If you say "ouch" he will come give you a kiss. He is finally getting his eye teeth too, they have broken the gums and are working their way in all the way. I just cant believe my little baby is now a little boy! He will be two in just 4 months! I am very excited to continue watching him learn and grow and I know he is going to be an amazing big brother.

Mmm... Chocolate Frosting

Yesterday I made some cupcakes for my friend for her birthday. Cameron has recently discovered frosting and is in love with it! So I let him have a beater and he devoured it. It was a bit of a mess but he was in total heaven!

One Big Mess

About a week and a half ago Cameron got into my cupboard that had that flour in it. Of course it took no time at all to discover that he could make a mess with the flour, so he did! I decided he was having fun so I let him play a little. He cleared out all my pots from the cupboard and climbed in himself! He had a blast!