Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Family/15 Month Photos

A couple who took Camerons 3 month photos a year ago contacted us to let us know they were back in business for photography so since I loved them then I knew I would love them now! They are awesome. Their website is Here a few, or a few more than a few, of my favorites! ;)

4th Anniversary Disaster

This past Thursday August 20th was our 4th wedding anniversary. We had plans to go out to dinner on Friday night and my mom was going to take Cameron overnight for us so we could have Saturday to get things done too. But... Unfortunatly I got very sick with a nasty flu of the worst sorts on our anniversary (thursday) and had to cancel our dinner reservations. My mom still took Cameron and he had a blast staying with his Grandparents and Uncle Chris for a whole weekend. I was extrememly thankful she took him because it turned out I was sicker than I thought. I woke up Friday night feeling so sick I had a temperature of almost 105 degrees and I was so dehydrated I couldnt barely stand up. I felt so weak and like I was going to faint. Kept trying to sleep and I couldnt and my temp wasnt falling so I ended up in the ER of all places. I had to have an IV to give me fluids since I couldnt take any down myself and numerous medications. They even had to do this thing they stick down your nose and into your throat to swab for the flu virus, that was deffinatly not fun. I was having some pain in my belly and it was tender so because of that they thought maybe I had appendicitus, but I didnt. When we got there they made me wear a mask and put us in a seperate waiting room all by ourselves. This made me feel like I had the swine flu or some other weird disease. On the door of my hospital room there was a big sign that said you had to wear a mask to enter. I kept waiting for the Center of Infectious Disease to show up, just kidding. Turns out it was just a strange strain of the flu.

Since we missed our dinner we will be going our next week sometime to make up for it, hopefully my appetite will be back by then. On one hand I cant believe we have been married for 4 years, and on another I cant believe its only been 4 years. Time sure goes quickly. I feel like I might wake up tomorrow and it will have been 20 years. Hopefully I can find some way to slow it down:)

15 Month Check Up

At the begining of the month Cameron had his 15 month doctor appointment. Things have been so busy around here I havent had a chance to post about it. So, not much to report except that he weighed 24 lbs 14 oz, so just under 25 lbs. And he was 31". I measured him at home and he was a bit longer but we will go with what they said. He is healthy and growing well!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Dessert Aire

This past weekend we all went over to Brets brothers vacation home in Dessert Aire which is in Eastern Washington. For the past couple weeks after work Bret has been building them a rail to go around their new pool they were having put in. So we went over there so he could install it. I was excited to get to spend time with family and I knew Cameron would love seeing his cousins.
Here they are, working hard to get that rail put up in time for the pool to be filled.
Cameron and Brody had a fun time playing together. Brody is 6 months older than Cameron which right now is a bigger gap then it will be in a few years, but they still play well together. They were so cute they would give eachother high fives and here Brody is giving Cameron a hug, so adorable!
So as you know Cameron has a love for animals. Jim and Megan have a dog named Gunner and Cameron followed that dog around half the time we were there. Gunner is a very patient relaxed dog. He is used to having kids around him and doesnt mind too much being poked and prodded. Cameron loved giving him kisses and hugs and petting him and of course playing with his tail.
Cameron, Peyton and Riley.
Once the pool was filled we had fun playing in it. Megan and I spent nap time one day floating around in these chairs and relaxing. And the kids had a blast. Riley and Peyton are really great swimmers for their age and they were having so much fun.
Because their house is right on the golf course the girls like to set up a lemonade stand and sell lemonade to the golfers. So that last day we were there they set up and started selling. They were so cute yelling "lemonade for sale" to everyone going by and they got so excited when someone would buy some.
While we were busy selling lemonade the boys went out golfing. This is the 13th hole which is the one their house sits on. I snapped a picture of them playing and then they game to buy some lemonade!
Here are a few pictures of the rail/fence Bret build for them. Its kinda hard to see since its grey. He did a really great job and it all turned out really well. He had actually never even seen the house so he had to visualize what it was like. He had drawings and measurements but for only that he did a good job of making it all fit right. He barely had to modify anything.
Cameron fell right asleep on the way home. He was so exhausted. It was a fun, long weekend.
I have so many cute pictures that I wish I could put them all on here, but that would be way too many!
Thanks Jim, Megan, Riley, Peyton and Brody for letting us come have a fun time with you!

A New Toy

A while back our neighbor gave us a power wheels quad that was their sons but he out grew. Its more for a 3 or 4 year old so Cameron cant really ride it right now. But we figured we would go get a battery charger for it and see if he would try it. We went up to Toys R Us and discovered that the charger was $40 and then right next to it was this little quad just the right size for Cameron. It was a little bit more than the charger but we knew he would be able to ride it all by himself right now. So we got it for him. He loves it! He rides it all around the house.
As soon as Bret started getting it put together Cameron went over and sat down right next to him like he was helping him. It was really cute.
Here he is riding it around the back yard just after we bought it for him. He thought it was the greatest thing ever. Well spent money in my opinion!

Woodland Park Zoo

A few weekends ago we took a trip up to Seattle to go to the zoo. Cameron loves animals and he really enjoyed it. We saw lots of cool animals like zebras, giraffes, hippos, monkeys, tigers, etc.
Here is Cameron watching the Komodo Dragon. These are really strange creatures. There were signs saying not to hit or bang on the glass because it would upset them. Well, Cameron loves to knock on things, so I kept having to stop him from knocking on the glass. I dont need a giant dragon leaping throgh the glass at my son lol.
These monkeys were hilarious! There were two of them, at least that we could see, and they started out really quiet. Then after a minute they started making tons of noise. They almost sounded like they were having an argument. Their necks would swell up and then they would go off on eachother. It was really funny to watch. Cameron thought it was so amazing. I pat my hand on the ground when I want him to come sit by me. And he started doing that like he wanted the monkey to come to him. It was so cute.
About half way through the zoo he was all tuckered out. It was past nap time and he just fell asleep in his stoller. So Bret and I kept walking around and looking at what we hadnt seen. Then we realized we still hadnt seen the farm animals, which are his favorite! Luckily just before we got to them he woke up all on his own.
He loves farm animals! As soon as he saw them he got so excited and went running to them. He really enjoyed petting the goats. He has a fascination with tails on animals, so he kept wanted to grab their tails and when he did they would flick their tails upward and he thought that was hilarious.
Oh the chickens... This is one of his favorite animal noises to make. I wish I had a video of how excited he was about them. He was in the stroller when he saw them and he started pointing and getting excited so we let him out and he took off running towards them. He was in heaven.
At the end of our zoo trip we decided to Cameron a little souvineer. He loves lions as well, he likes making the "roar" noise. So we decided it was a fitting stuffed animal to get him. He is now in love with that lion. He sleeps with it and he carries it around the house roaring.
It was a really fun family trip!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Albertsons is having an awesome sale this week. They have a list of items that are on sale and if you spend $30 on them then you get a coupon for $15 off your next order. So I came up with three transactions that came up to $30 and did them all seperate. So my first transaction I used coupons and it came down to $21.70 I spent. So I had $8.30 in coupons off that one. Then the second transaction of my $30 I had to spend it came down to $6.19 I paid after the $15 from my previous one plus my coupons. And the third one came down to $7.40 I paid after the $15 and coupons! And now I still have another $15 off my next transaction for my next shopping trip.
I had 32 coupons to use today! Here is everything I got today. Great for food supply!
I spent $35.29 and saved $114.03!!! Amazing! All of that only cost me $35. I love couponing! I have to thank my friend Courtney for mentoring me and helping me find good deals :) She shared this blog site with me, have a peek.

What a Mess!

Thats right, that is flour all over my kitchen floor, compliments of Cameron. He loves to play in the pantry and we are always fighting to keep it closed since it has no lock. But this morning he got ahold of the flour. I was getting ready to leave and clipping my coupons and thats when the mess was made. He waits until I try to get something done real quick and then makes messes. So I spent a while getting all the flour out of the cracks in the hardwoods and vacuuming it up. At least this time it was flour instead of poop!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Sunday Family Walk Along the River

This is the beautiful river that runs right behind our develoment. Before we had Cameron every Sunday Bret and I would go for a walk along the trail next to it. But since then we havent gone much because its hard with a stroller. Well Cameron is old enough now that we are ok without the stoller and since it was a hot day I thought it would be fun.Cameron rode on Daddys shoulders while we walked on the trail along the river looking for a place to go down to it. I intended to maybe put our feet in and then go home....
This is what happened. Silly of me to think anything we do could be that simple. It turned into quite a mess. Cameron loved throwing the rocks into the water and when he figured out he could throw wet sand that became more fun than the rocks. He had a lot of fun. He has no sense of fear, he would have totally walked right out into that river if we had let him. Next time I will remember that it wont be a simple foot dip in the river and come dressed appropriatly, and Cameron will be in a swimsuit instead of white shorts!

Ugh... Why not?

The other day I went up to get Cameron out of his crib after nap and this is what I found. He has figured out how to take off his crib sheets and refuses to keep them on. I have put them back on numerous times and every time I go in to get them they are off. So I say, Why not? Let him sleep on uncomfortable vinyl matress cover if he wants. Its one of those pick your battles type things and this is one not worth picking.

Heat Wave!

This past week has been unusually hot for us here in our normally mild weathered state. One day it actually hit 106 degrees! And my friend who lives up in Puyallup got a picture of a digital outdoor thermometer measuring 107! It was record highs for us and we all were dying of the heat. Unfortunatly most people here in the northwest dont have air conditioning, considering we usually dont need it. The news said that average temperatures for this week in July is 77 degrees and we were in the triple digits. So since it was so hot we had to find ways of cooling down. Cameron took multiple cool showers, as did Bret and I. And we played out in the sprinkler a bit. And Cameron really enjoyed our supply of Otter Pops.
Yum, munching down on some cold watermelon. We really enjoyed watermelon for a few days.
I even let him play in the sink for a little bit... I know, sorta weird, but he LOVED it!
My friend and her daughter came over and we had to strip our babies down and feed them ice cold otter pops to stay cool. Arent they so cute?!
Cameron was a great help by watering my garden for me, as you can tell, its having a hard time surviving the heat!
And after watering the garden he enjoyed a little run through the hose.