Monday, November 29, 2010

SNOW! Thats right, snow in Seattle!

We were all stoked to find snow falling outside. Its rare here so when it comes we all get so excited. Not to mention chaos often occurs. It snowed a little bit on Sunday then more Sunday night. By Monday afternoon it had almost all melted so Bret, the kids and I headed up to mall to get Cameron a nice warm coat since his from last year was a little small. We were in the mall maybe an hour and we came out and it was like a blizzard! The wind was whipping the snow around and it was falling so fast, accumulating quickly. We of course started home but since we live in Seattle no one was moving we were stuck up on the hill, cars sliding all over the place... Finally we got onto the highway but even there we were barely moving, there were cars slid off the road here and there and semis jack knifed blocking the road, it was crazy. Luckily we made it home safely. Bret got to stay home from work on Tuesday and Wednesday so we enjoyed a nice long week at home together as a family. It gave us some fun time to go out and play!
Cameron and I built this little mini snowman during Connors nap one day:) I wanted to build a bigger one but he was too impatient.
Bret and Cameron starting on a big snowman, but the snow wasnt compacting well so the changed their plans and just played.

Even Connor got to go out in the snow for a little bit!


I know, I know, this is a very belated post. I have been so incredibly busy lately and just keep forgetting to post on here. So, finally, here are a few pictures from Halloween and Trick or Treating. Cameron LOVED it this year! He could have totally kept going but we reined him in after about 4 blocks worth of houses. We went with our friends Courtney and Hank, Max joined us for just a little bit but then went home to chow down on his candy. Hank and Cameron had a lot of fun. This year my mom came down and stayed at our house with Connor and handed out candy so that Bret could come with us Trick or Treating. Connor was a little pumkin' boy and Cameron insisted on being a Garbage Man. Since he wanted to be something that there is no costumes for we had to make it up a little bit. So this is what we came up with. And to make it all come together Bret made him a little garbage can to drag behind him to collect his candy in, it was really cute! All in all we had a ton of fun this Halloween:)

Pumpkin Carving

Pumpkin carving was a lot of fun this year, Cameron really got into it and enjoyed it. He loved the mess we got to make doing it. He especially loved it because he got to be naked, well, besides his diaper. He would run around naked all the time if I let him... Here are a few pictures:)
Connor getting in on the fun
The finished bunch!