Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Daddys Magazines

Bret has a ridiculous amount of car and truck magazines. Cameron enjoys reading them too. He flips through the pages finding all the pictures of trucks and cars and saying "whoa! truck!" or "whoa! car!" I think I know what this kiddos hobby is going to be in a few years, working in the garage with Daddy, which of course will make Bret very very happy. I think its so cute how he goes and sits on the couch and opens it up and looks at it just like an adult would do, so adorable!

Off To The Races!

On Saturday we took Cameron to the Dirtbike/Quad Races at the Puyallup Fairgrounds. He is so into trucks and cars and basically anything that drives we thought he would love it, and he did! It was a little loud but he got used to it really fast and wasnt scared. It was so hard to get a picture of him because he was either jumping up and down or staring in awe. Im glad we decided to do this as a family activity! I love seeing him so excited. Now he plays with his little motorcycles and quads and says "race!"
Bret and Cameron watching the races.
The dirtbikes/motorcycles racing.
The quads racing.
Cameron looking on in awe and amazement! He had so much fun!

A Few Pictures

The other day Cameron pulled out some pots and was using them to slide across the kitchen floor while eating his chocolate chip cookie we had just made.
Eating cookie dough, his favorite treat. As I have said before he loves to help me cook and I think its mostly to help me eat!
Being cute on the couch one morning!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Vinyl Cars for Camerons Room

After what felt like forever of vinyl peeling and applying I finished getting all the cars on Camerons walls! I love it! I still have little yellow vinyl dashes to apply to the black trim to make it look like a road but I need to find the energy and time to do it still. I am so happy with how his room turned out. He loves it too, every morning he wakes up and I hear him in there talking about the cars and trucks, he loves the busses since he seems to be in a bus loving phase right nwo. Im still unsure what to do with this wall. I think I might put up a few shelves or something, gotta think about it for a little bit. Also, he does have a dresser, somehow it managed not to make it into any of these photos, its just off to the right of this picture in the corner.

I always love seeing a finished project. Im glad it turned out the way I wanted and that it was actually really pretty inexpensive. Because I cut all my own vinyl all those cars cost me about $20. Then we saved on the bed since Bret made it, we already had the dresser and then the bedding was a pretty good price too. Even the paint we got happened to be a discontinued color so it was only $15 for a gallon. Thank goodness I have a handy husband and a cricut! Im pretty sure the vinyl would have cost me much more had I not done it myself.

Monday, February 15, 2010

My Little Learner

Recently Cameron has been learning at amazing speeds. I swear everyday he learns so much! Lately we have been working a lot on colors, numbers, letters and shapes. He loves to say the ABC's even though he doesnt know them by heart yet, I say them and he repeats. He knows all the colors, at least he can say them all and knows what they are, he just isnt always the best at saying the right color for things. He can count to three on his own which is super cute. He will be playing and I hear him counting his cars or balls or whatever toy, but only up to three. We are working on four and five right now. His favorite shape is the star, he finds them everywhere, no matter where we go he can spot a star. I cant believe how quickly he is learning all these things.
In these pictures he is playing with his flash cards. A friend of mine told me about them, they are at Costco and there are numbers, shapes, colors and letters. He loves them! I am hoping that having this visual aid will help him learn even quicker. Its amazing to me how quickly they go from being a little baby just learning to hold their head up to a toddler preparing for preschool. I remember I used to feel like "How on earth will I be able to teach him everything?" But I have realized it just happens. I talk to him ALL day long, which sometimes gets a little tiring since I am having a constant conversation with a toddler. But he is learning a lot from it. Lately his vocabulary has exploded! Im sure not everyone can understand everything he says, but I do, at least most the time. He repeats everything I say. He loves to say "Oh Boy!" whenever he can, picking up something heavy, getting something stuck, etc. Today in the car he was reading books and decided he was done with them, I said "If you dont want a book what do you want?" He responded "A treat." I thought that was funny. We are able to communicate so much better, he can get his point across without just crying and he understands me when Im trying to get a point across. Another thing he has started doing is saying "Please Mama" or "Please Dada" and "Thank You" without us having to ask him to say it. The other day at the store a the lady in the checkout line gave him a lollipop. He said "Thank You" like he should and enjoyed that lollipop! On our way home I would ask "Is that lollipop yummy?" And he would pull it out of his mouth and show it to me and say "Thank You Mama!" Isnt that cute?

Anyhow, my little guy is growing up quick! Im enjoying every second of every day watching him learn.


About a week ago we were having an unusually nice day out so I let Cameron go outside to run around. Funny enough he didnt really want to run around, just collect rocks and pile them on our porch. He spent a good 45 minutes collecting big rocks, digging in small rocks, piling all kinds of rocks! He is now obsessed with rocks. Everytime I put his shoes on to go somewhere he says "rocks?" becuase he thinks it means we are going back out to play in the rocks. We have gone out a few times, but our weather has been so crummy. This silly kiddo always amazes me at what he can find enjoyment in!
Piling the rocks on our porch.
Showing me a little rock he found.
Finding and picking up a big rock to add to his pile.
These bottom two he just looks cute!
The nice weather here and there is a terrible teaser, we cant wait for summer! He is going to love it since he is old enough to play in the backyard on his own while I just watch from the kitchen. I cant wait!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

How did it go??

Well the first night in Camerons new bed he did really well! I was really quite impressed. He didnt get up once throughout the night or fall out of bed or even make a single peep for that matter. He has been doing really well at nighttime, going down after just a few minutes and sleeping in until his normal wake up time. It was cute the first morning he woke up in his new room I woke up to hear him knocking on his door saying "Mama? Mama!"

Nap time, on the other hand, is a whole other story! Once he gets to sleep he sleeps really well. But its getting him to sleep thats the workout. Yesterday was his first nap time in this bed and I laid with him for about 30 min until he fell asleep and then he slept for 3 hours! It was great! Today was harder. I laid with him for about 30 minutes again, he almost fell asleep a few times but fought it. So I asked him if he wanted me to stay or leave and he said "Go!" so I left. He ran around up there for quite some time until I heard him doing a very sad fake cry. He did that for a few minutes and then silence. So in total from the time I took him up there til the time he fell asleep it was an hour and 20 minutes. Hopefully this wont be a pattern! But the good news is that he is asleep in his bed, so not on the floor or anything. He crawls into bed when he gets tired enough.

All in all Im very proud of him. He has a had a number of changes lately, giving up the binky, changing rooms, changing beds and he has done really well. I wanted to get all these changes out of the way before the baby gets here. I dont want him to associate it with the new baby. It would be too much to make all the changes we have plus add in the pressence of a new baby and mommys newly divided attention. He is a really good little boy, he is learning so much and I love watching him change and grow. He will be such a great big brother for Connor and Im excited to watch them interact and grow up together.

Monday, February 8, 2010

First Night- My Big Boy!

Tonight is Camerons first night in his new bed and new room. We tried just laying him down and leaving the room like we do in his crib but he screamed and stood at the door crying. So after a while of that Bret went up to lay in bed with him. Then we switched and I laid with him until he fell asleep. He wanted me to rub his face and I sang him a few songs, finally after a while he fell asleep, we will see if he gets up and out of bed at all in the middle of the night. We put locks on his door so he cant get out if he does. I guess I will report how tonight went tomorrow! I just cant believe my baby is big enough to be in a new room and a big bed. Time is flying by way too quickly.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

More Sacrament Please

Every week Cameron loves to watch the priests bless the sacrament and all the other young men pass it. He patiently, at least most the time, waits for our turn to take it. After they get to us and we have taken it he starts pointing to the stand and saying "more, more!" I think its so cute and funny. Its impossible to get him to stop or to get him to whisper it. He loves getting the little plastic cup and drinking his water, he can do it all by himself. Obviously the sacrament wasnt meant for little boys enjoyment, but I feel like its the start of him learning and enjoying coming to church.

The Bed is FINISHED!

We officially finished Camerons bed tonight! I am totally impressed and very proud of my husband and his ability to build this! I feel so blessed to have such a handy husband. It turned out exactly how I wanted it. I am so excited for Cameron to have a big boy room and move out of his crib. I think maybe tomorrow night might have to be his first night in his new room. It depends on how much I can get done tomorrow:)