Monday, July 27, 2009

This kid cracks me up...

My boy is so silly. He has the funniest sense of humor and will laugh at almost anything. I love that about him, he has such an infectious laugh. He loves to climb up on the couch and jump around and laugh. He even puts his mouth on the couch pillows and blows to make funny sounds. Here he was crackin' up playing on the couch.

Last night we went outside to water the garden and try to cool off (Its been so hot here!). Cameron loves to play with the hose and just plain water in general. So Bret was playing with Cameron by shooting the water in his watering can really fast. He thought this was absolutly hilarious. I had to catch his laugh. I just love this little boy, he is so cute!

Stack and Line em' up!

Cameron has a bit of a fascination with stacking things and lining things up. He loves to organize things in piles and lines and then one by one move the pile to another place, and so on.
Here he is stacking all the shoes on his chair...
... and lining up all his cars along the fireplace...
... and the other morning I found this after making breakfast, measuring cups lined up on the chalkboard chest.

Beans, Beans and More Beans!

The other night I was planning on canning my green beans when my friend called to say she was in labor... So I got the them a little later then I wanted and they were starting to go bad. I still had a lot of beans that were just fine, but sorting through all them and snapping them all was some serious work considering I had not a wink of sleep the night before. But here they are, I finished them!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

An Amazing Experience

I had the awesome opportunity to be in the room with my friend Carrie when she had her little girl this morning. Taylor Sharlene Dycus was born at 7:42am on July 25th weighing in at 8lbs 8oz and 19.5" long. She is a beautiful baby. I think it was the coolest thing ever to get to see it from a spectators point of view. I got to hold one of her legs through all of pushing and I was right there when the baby came out. She had it a little rough, she pushed for 2 1/2 hours and finally had to have the vacuum used to help get the baby out. Taylor is a beautiful little girl and I am so thankful I was able to be there to witness her first moments of life and see her come into this world. I am so happy for Carrie and Jason! Babies are such blessings. I enjoyed coaching a bit and being able to comfort her and help her through it all. I hope I can witness a birth again sometime in my life, truely amazing!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Freezer Jam

Courtney and I tackled freezer jam the other night and this is what we came out with! I love the way she put it on her blog so I stole her quote about it...

"Three trips to three different grocery stores to buy the necessary supplies and ingredients, five flats of strawberries to wash, cut, puree, and strain, a kitchen brimming with dirty dishes, strawberry juice dripping everywhere, three rowdy boys (one crying in hysterics at the sound of the blender) causing chaos throughout the house, ninety degree heat indoors, two exhausted mammas......and enough strawberry freezer jam to feed a small army!"

That about sums it up! We also canned some strawberry lemonade concentrate the other night which is amazingly delicious! We will be doing green beans this weekend. We are two busy mammas!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Look whos cookin'!

The other day on our weekly garage sale walk I spotted this kitchen. Im not usually real big on getting toys at garage sales unless they are in really good condition or if they are for outside. But this was only $20 and it came with a ton of food, plates, pots, etc. He LOVES it! He spends a lot of time playing with his kitchen and pretending to eat. He really likes to scoop a spoon in a pot and pretend to eat or make me "eat" what is on the spoon. Its amazing that he already has an imagination. This was a good buy for sure!

Life is just a jar of cherries

The other night Courtney and I canned cherries. We did 30lbs each so we totaled 60lbs of cherries canned! It sure sounded easy and quick but it took more time then we thought. But it was a lot of fun and we got a great finished product!

Here was our little disaster... Dont know what happened but when we opened the canner after our first batch one of the cans bottom had broken off and cherries were floating. Oops!
The rest of them turned out perfect and here are my beautiful jars of cherries!

Christmas in July

The other night I went up to get Cameron some PJs and realized it was time to do laundrey, I was a bit behind and he had no clean PJs. So, the only ones I had were his Christmas PJs from last year. Funny enough, they still fit him. When he wore them the first time they were a bit long but I had to get that size to fit his chubby little body. Now they fit in length as well. I love these PJs.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Take me out to the ballgame...

On Monday night the whole Madsen clan went out to the Mariners game! It was a ton of fun and I am totally loving having all our family in town and getting together with everyone. So is Cameron, he loves playing with his cousins. It was a great game, the Mariners won 5-0 and the other team only had one hit. I hope we can go to another game soon.
Dan, Taylor, Kim, Dylan and Jody
Peyton, Brody, Megan and Riley
Cameron clapping for the M's
It was hat night so here is Cameron sporting his hat
Mia and Riley
Cameron and Emery
Tessa, Michelle and Susan
Richard and Maggie
Cameron enjoying a white chocolate and sprinkle covered strawberry, yum
Cameron and Doug
Me and Cameron
Cameron, Me and Bret

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Celebrating the 4th

This year we went to our annual 4th of July party at my inlaws house. I love it because all the family comes together and we eat, talk, light off fireworks and have fun! It was great this year because everyone was there, even the families that live out of state.
Bret and Cameron enjoyed a little swim in the pool with the cousins again.
Cameron and Dylan in their matching shirts, isnt that too cute!? Sadly they are so hard to get a good picture of, so this was the best I could do.
Peyton and Cameron, she sure is sweet to him.
Taylor and Tessa helping Cameron do the "Pop-Its" which he LOVED! (see the video at the bottom)
The kids doing Roman Candles.
Me and Megan
Bret helping Cameron do a sparkler. We tried letting him hold it with us, but that was disastrous. He wanted to look at it up close so he kept trying to put it near his face. But he still liked them with us holding them.
Bret, Cameron and Me
Mia decked out in her 4th of July gear looking very festive.
Getting ready to watch the fireworks.
Emery, Peyton, Me and Cameron watching fireworks together.
Cameron really liked the fireworks, they didnt scare him at all. He watched them so intently and loved it. But around 10:30 I noticed he was asleep. I was so surprised because it was so loud. We did fireworks for about another hour and he slept through it all. Amazing. I think he had a lot of fun and we sure did too.

Here is a video of Cameron doing the "Pop Its." My brother in law bought this bigger ones that were easier for the little kids to hold and throw. He really liked them. All night whenever we would walk past them on the ground he would pick them up and throw them and laugh, even though they were already used. I sure love this kid, he is just so funny and you gotta love that laugh of his. (Excuse the videography... I had my 8 year old neice take the video, hope it doesnt make you feel motion sick lol)

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Time is flying by...

Our computer does a slide show on the main screen and today I turned the computer on and this picture was up. It made me wanna cry, he looks like such a little baby still in this picture and he is growing up so fast! This was when he was just starting to get good at holding his head up on his own. It made me remember him as a little tiny guy and made me miss him being so small. Time really goes WAY to fast.