Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Finally, All Caught Up

I havent been very good at posting the past few weeks. So today I finally got caught up, woohoo. We havent been doing anything too exciting but I forget sometimes its fun to just post funny pictures. I promise to be better about posting!

Big Baby in a Little Baskett

All I can say is what a silly boy!

Driving Daddys New Truck

I havent been very good at posting lately so I have neglected to say that Bret has a new truck. We decided it was time to get a "grown up vehicle" in Brets own words. So he sold his giant white truck to get a Ford F-150. A much more family friendly and reliable car. Cameron loves to play in the drivers seat. However normally he stands up and just pushes buttons and pretends to honk the horn. But the other night I put him in there and he insisted on sitting and so I scooted the seat up so he could reach the steering wheel. Then he started grabbing the shifter and pretending to drive, obviously he has been watching Daddy.

Cuddly Book Time

The other night Cameron and Bret were playing and Cameron brought Bret a book. Bret was laying on the floor so instead of making his Dad get up Cameron just laid down too and they read the book together this way. Isnt that too cute!?

The Greatest Show on Earth

Labor day weekend my Dad treated us all to the Circus, Barnum and Baileys Greatest Show on Earth! It was a lot of fun. The only other circus we have ever been to was the crummy little family circus that came to Orting a while back. But this was the real circus. It was kinda hard to get pictures because of the lighting and a lot of time things were moving too fast. Cameron was mesmorized by the elephants!Cameron was mesmorized by the elephants! Here he is with his super serious face.
The tigers were really cool too. They werent nearly as cooperative as the elephants and horses.
There was lots of dancing, singing, tricks, surprises, and fun! We had a blast.
My mom bought Cameron this toy, when you push a button the top part spins and lights up. He loved it! It kept him occupied the entire drive home and he loves playing it at home too. Thanks Mom and Dad!!

Big Juicy Tomatos

My little guy loves tomatos! Its so funny because neither Bret or I like them but he will just eat them like apples. I have been growing them in my garden and he went outside to play, picked a tomato and started chowing down. You can see in the second picture he was very excited that I was letting him eat it.

Cooking with Mama!

Cameron loves to help me cook. He sits on the counter next to me or pulls up a chair and watches. He really gets excited when I let him put the ingredients into the mixer. Then when we put whatever we made in the oven he likes to watch it cook. He is such a funny kiddo!