Monday, September 29, 2008

Jessicas Bridal Shower

Saturday Maggie and I threw a bridal shower for Jessica. She is getting married on October 11th, which is coming up fast! It was a lot of fun, we had a good turnout and she got lots of fun things to fill her new home with. I am so excited for her and Daniel!

Then afterward she came over so we could do a practice run for her wedding hair. It was more of a "play around and see what we can do" session. We are using extra hair and pinning it in to make her hair look like she has more. Bret took these pictures since I was putting Cameron down when they were leaving so they didnt turn out as well as I could have taken them:)

My (Almost) Rolley Polley

Cameron finally rolled over yesterday all on his own from his tummy to his back! But I cant get him to do it again. He started pushing up on his arms too. After he rolled over we tried to catch him on video but of course he wouldnt do it again. I did however record how he rolls from his back to his tummy. He can do it if I just start him off. I push his legs to the side and then he pulls his body over. I hope he starts rolling more now! When he did it Bret was watching us but he looked up at the TV for a minute and that happened to be when he rolled, so Bret didnt even get to see him do it!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Rain Rain Go Away, We're Doing the Puyallup Today!

We planned to go to the fair on the 20th and since it was the last Saturday for the fair we had to stick to it even though it was raining! It was still a lot of fun, we just didnt stay as long as we might have if it were dry. Christopher and my mom came along, they had never been before which shocked me! Cameron slept most the time with breif periods being awake to take in little bit of the fair. I would have had him out more if it werent raining but it was best to keep him in the stroller where he could be dry and warm.

He was all bundled up in his stroller, he looks real happy, doesnt he? I love the picture of him as the bee, too bad he was still half asleep so we couldnt get him to smile.
He did seem interested in the animals. He would just stare and stare at them. I think he might have been a little afraid of them... Im sure next year he will enjoy them a lot more.
I had to get a picture of this sign, its so funny! Believe me, it smelled like Doo-Doo Only! Bret isnt too keen on rides so my mom, my brother and I rode a few. We love the Tilt-A-Whirl so we went on that a few times. I could ride it all day long, its so much fun! Next year we are going the first weekend its open in hopes for better weather.

Remote Control Cars

Bret has a bit of an obsession with model cars. He has a whole box of them in the garage, and its a big box. He is waiting to find a "good shelving unit" to show them off... Anyway, he also has some that are remote control cars. He decided to go out and find them in that box so Cameron could watch them and play with them. So we sat in the kitchen this afternoon and played with them and he loved it! He kept reaching for them and he was kicking his legs and almost shaking he was so excited! Bret sat him between his legs and let him play with the controller and helped him drive the car around. He thought it was so much fun. This might have to be a new Sunday family activity.

Here is a video of him watching the car drive around. Excuse the angle... And we forgot to turn on the sound when we recorded so no sound either, sorry!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Messy Messy

Cameron is learning how to eat rice cereal and how to eat out of a spoon. He is starting to catch on, slowly. He is currently in the habit of grabbing anything near his face and shoving it in his mouth, so thats what he tries to do with the spoon. I would say 75-80% of the time he eats from the spoon just fine but then that remaining percentage of time he either grabs the spoon, tries to talk with the food in his mouth instead of swallow or he shoves his hand in his mouth with the food so then it goes everywhere all down his bib and he rubs it all over his face and legs! He is so funny to watch. He is doing a great job though, when we fed him rice cereal the first time it was a huge mess. He didnt get that he could swallow the cereal off the spoon, he was too used to bottles. But so far so good, its going well. I think these pictures are so funny although they dont do justice to how big of a mess it really was. It was spread on his forhead, nose, knees, both hands, strangly enough it somehow got to his diaper... Needless to say, he got a bath after this feeding. I think it is good to let him play with it to an extent to learn. I hope it starts getting a little less messy though!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Must Be Good Luck

About a month ago my friend Tiffany, her daughter Eva, Cameron and I were at Babies R Us and we got offered to get a free portrait of our babies. We did and the pictures turned out so cute. Well, just our luck, yesterday we were all out at Tacoma Mall and we were approached by someone from Picture People to do a free portrait too! We just have good timing, or our babies are so cute they have to photograph them, most likely not the latter. So here are the pictures they took of Cameron. I think they turned out great! I especially love the drool precariously dangling from his lower lip:) I must say, even though I am hugely bias, we sure have a cute baby!

Monday, September 15, 2008

A Funny Sight

So, the first time he did this I was mostly just having fun but I was trying to see if I could do my own naked baby pictures at home just because I think they are so cute! So it happens to be that the best video of this Cameron is naked... I tried to get him doing it again with clothes on but none of the videos turned out as well. I put the naked video on here (you dont see anything but his bottom) but if you would rather not watch a naked baby then you can watch the other one:) Unfortunatly in the clothed version he started to get a little frustrated at the end.

Here is the clothed version...

Mommy Made Photo Shoot

For some reason I was really feeling like trying to take some cute at home pictures... dont know waht got into me. So they didnt quite turn out looking that amazing, but they are still cute. I love naked baby pictures with all their rolls and nakey bums, so adorable! So I tried to do some with Cameron, here is what I got... Bret was laughing at me when he saw them, he said it looks like he is posing for a nudey magazine.

Happy 60th Birthday Grandpa Madsen!

This last Saturday the 13th we threw a surprise 60th birthday party for Brets Dad (Camerons Grandpa). It was a lot of fun, we always like getting together with family. We all live spread out between Bothell and Orting and then two families live in Utah so its hard to see everyone very often. We all pitched in and got him an IPhone which I hope he liked! Bret always ends up being a big kid and playing with the kids. Here are some photos from the party.

We didnt have all the grandkids there, they do have 13... but we decided to get a picture of them with the grandkids that were there. This was the best of them, it sure is hard getting a good picture of so many children, Cameron was just starting to cry but everyone else looks good.

CANtastic Weekend

This weekend was the weekend to can all the pears we had bought as well as canning some homemade applesauce. My mom came down to help watch Cameron so that Bret and I could whip them out quickly but it turned out that he took an absolutely wonderful nap that afternoon so it turned out that the three of us go to can! It was a lot of fun and I really feel like Im getting the hang of it. We did the pears with my mom on Saturday afternoon and it didnt take us long at all.
Then on Sunday afternoon Bret and I tackled the applesauce and it was even more fun and went even faster than the pears. Brets mom let us borrow this little do-dad that mashes the apples up and spits the sauce out one spout and the skins out of another. Even though Bret wont admit he had fun, I think he really enjoyed that part of it. Making homemade applesauce is really easy and it tastes delicious! We put some cinnamon and sugar in ours, yum!
I think the apples look so pretty in the pot... such pretty and vibrant colors. Also I ordered a box of what I thought would be normal sized plums but they turned out to be prune plums, not that I have anything against prunes but it just wasnt what I was expecting. So I did one can of the prunes because Im not 100% sure how much Im going to love canned prunes, they are good dried, but canned Im not so positive about. The prunes look beautiful in the jar, they turn the syrup this great magenta color. So this is what we ended up with, another addition to our food supply.
Also this week we are going to do some dry pack canning at a members house. I would have never thought it, but she shared with us that we can dry pack things like brownie mix, pasta-roni, rice-a-roni, jiffy mix, etc. So my friend Courtney and I took a trip to the store and stocked up on these types of things to can. We got our cans from the LDS Cannery and I have them all ready to be sealed. I am so glad that our food supply is coming along!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Looking Back

I recently was looking at my pregnancy belly pictures and I realized that I didnt start this blog until after Cameron was born. Since this is our journal and I am going to publish it into a book I want to have these pictures in it. So, a little late but here is looking back at my pregnancy.

The top two pictures are 17 weeks and 23 weeks. The next two are 27 weeks and 32 weeks. Then 36 weeks and 39 weeks. And the picture in the yellow shirt of just my belly is 40 weeks and 2 days, the day before I went into labor. The picture of me in the snow is in Utah and I was 29 weeks. And the picture of Bret, Christopher and me was at Thanksgiving and I was 18 weeks. Amazing how much you can grow! And since I would be upset if anyone else said it, and everyone else might have been afraid to say it, I got huge!

Monday, September 8, 2008

A Walk Along the River

Along the backside of our development there is a River. Bret and I used to go walk along it every Sunday evening before we had Cameron. I decided it would be a fun adventure to take him for a walk back there and it would be a learning experience to get to see all the trees and the river. He was mesmerized by the trees! He wouldnt stop looking at them. He is also at a stage where anything near his mouth means he needs to eat/suck/lick it so he just kept sucking on the carrier. When we got home the carrier was soaked and so was his shirt! Its fishing season so there were a ton of fisherman along the river. We couldnt find a spot that wasnt too steep to walk down to the river with Cameron, but I would have loved to have taken him down there so he could watch them fish and see the actual river up close. Im so glad we have this beautiful river so close, basically in our backyard!

My Little Man

This is my favorite church outfit of Camerons. I think it fits his little personality so well. He just looks so cute in it! Then I found this hat at Childrens place and it was on sale so I had to get it! I have 5 of them in different colors or patterns. I had to get a picture of him and Daddy all ready for church. So adorable!