Sunday, May 30, 2010

Family of 3 about to be 4!

Today was our last Sunday going to church as a family of 3, weird! I cant believe Im about to be a part of a family of 4. I am trying to cherish this last week and get some fun family time in before little Camerons world gets flipped upside down. I know it will be a transition for us all but its going to be a great one!

38 1/2 Weeks.....

Here I am, finally in the last leg of my second pregnancy. I definatly feel much better this pregnancy than I did with Camerons but let me be the first to say Im SO ready to be done and have my baby here! Im just about as big as can be now. At my 38 week appointment I was 2.5cm dilated and 70% effaced which is really good! Babys head was still at -3 he said getting closer to -2 station, but my doc says a lot of times the babys head doesnt decend past that in second pregnancies until your in labor. Thank heavens he told me I have a "very favorable cervix" which means an induction will most likely be easy to get going. Im now at 22lbs gained, which if you remember my 50lbs with Cameron this is half of that! (Thanks to Zumba and a few lessons learned on my part) So... my doc is going to call Tuesday to schedule my induction for this Friday. I wont have a specific time until that morning. A nurse from the hospital will call me between 4-6am and let me know when we can come in, but it will for sure be that day sometime. Im getting so anxious and excited to meet my little boy. I am very thankful to my Father in Heaven that I have the opportunity to be pregnant with this sweet spirit and welcome him into our family, also that I have had a healthy pregnancy with no complications or problems. I hope Friday hurries up and gets here quick!

Baby Shower for Connor

A few friends of mine from church put on a baby shower for me and Connor a few weeks ago. It was a lot of fun and Connor got some really cute clothes:) If your wondering what the heck this is a picture of its from a game we played. I brought the 3D picture of Connor and the game was to mold his face out of playdough! It was really funny to see what people came up with. I sure hope he doesnt look like any of them!
The theme for the shower was "cravings" and since the most common cliche of a pregnant womans craving is pickles and ice cream thats what we had! My very talented friend Brittani made a pickle cake which was delicious! My mom, me and my mother in law Maggie.
Thanks Leah, Danielle, Brittani and Courtney for putting on the shower for me:)

Mowing the Lawn

For Camerons birthday he got a lawn mower so he could help Daddy mow the lawn. He LOVES it! So here he is out mowing the lawn with Bret.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

36 Week Update & Belly Picture

Today I had my 36 week doctor appointment. I am 1cm dilated and 50% effaced. I would have liked to be more than that but its better than nothing! Im pretty sure I will be more next week because after he checked me I started getting a lot of BH contractions and twinges so Im thinking he got some things rolling. The baby is riding low, he said he could feel my bag of waters and his head which is a good thing. I officially hit the 20lb weight gain mark too, which is no biggie, thats still not too bad as far as weight gain goes. Im steadily gaining a pound a week so with only 3 weeks and 2 days until my induction I will probably gain only another 4lbs max which is perfect. This pregnancy has been so different than Camerons in that regard. I gained a total of 50lbs with Cameron so Im going to top out at half the amount of weight this time. Thank heavens! Im measuring between a 34 and 35 right now and I should be at 36 so Im slightly small. My doctor said its no biggie as long as I dont stop growing and then I will have to have an ultrasound to be sure the baby is growing ok. Im so excited to be so close to getting to meet my little guy!

Washin' The Car

On Saturday after Camerons party we came home and decided the car needed a washin'. It was a beautiful day outside so I let Cameron hang out with Daddy and help. It turned into a super fun activity and he had an awesome time. He started out dressed and ended up in just his onsie, he got soaked!
Still dressed at this point, Bret let him use the car washing tool.
In no time he was down to a onesie. I got a sponge that hadnt been used in the kitchen and cut the scratchy side off so he could have his very own sponge for washing the car. He thought this was pretty cool.
Scrubbing the car.
You can see he was really getting into it, water was flying everywhere!
So excited!
We all had fun washing the car! This made me so excited for summer time, I cant wait to do all the fun outdoor activities that come with summer!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Camerons 2nd Birthday Party

This year we had Camerons birthday party at the Tacoma Childrens Museum. It was a ton of fun! Im so glad we decided to have it there. Cameron had all his friends come and some of his cousins. We got to play in the museum for an hour and then we went into the party room for pizza, cake and presents. The present opening was pure insane chaos! Cameron just wanted to rip the present open and grab another and rip it open, then repeat. I had no time to open or read cards or figure out who gave it to him and what it was. It was madness! But he had fun, so thats all that matters.
Cameron and Brody playing with the lights together.
Janson and Cameron counting money together at the cash register.
Cameron and Hank painting beautiful pictures!
This was Camerons first time painting and he was amazingly clean about it. I will have to try painting at home sometime. Of course then he wont be clean Im sure!
Cameron and Oliver playing together on the steps.
Present opening chaos! There were so many kids and Cameron was going so fast it was stressful but fun. He got lots of fun new toys and clothes.
More presents...
Eating lunch together. Look all those little kids (and thats just the ones that were sitting at that table), you can imagine the noise level at this party.
Some of the kiddos playing in the kitchen together after lunch.
Lighting the candles on the cake. Cameron wouldnt blow them out so I had to help him.
Me and my boy enjoying our cake together. Excuse the fact that half my head is missing!
The cake... Isnt it an amazing cake? My good friend Brittani made it for me, it turned out so awesome and it tasted just as good!

The party was a success. We had a lot of fun celebrating his birthday this year. Now another year until we have to do it again!

Thursday, May 6, 2010


Camerons Great Grandma and Grandpa Lowen sent him some birthday money so today we went to pick out something for him. He loves basketball so I figured he would love to have his very own hoop. I found one that adjusts from 4' to 6' which is great because it grows with him! It will be great for outside this summer. It was an instant hit! He impressed me with how well he could shoot the ball and actually make it in a high percentage of the time. This kid is so sports oriented! He played and played shooting the ball over and over until he was sweating like crazy. Im so glad he loves it and thank you to Grandma and Grandpa Lowen for the birthday money!
Shooting the ball...

Camerons 2 Year Check Up

We had Camerons 2 year doctor appointment and I was pleased to find out he is growing well! He is now 28lbs and 34.5in which puts him at the 50th percentile across the board. The doctor told me he was very highly impressed with Camerons speech skills. He told me a lot of 2 year olds talk but only their parents can understand most of what they say, but that Cameron is very understandable for his age, he understood everything he said. He told me I should get Cameron a program to help him start learning to read early since his language is so advanced for his age. Its always nice to hear your child is doing well:) He wasnt really a huge fan of the doctor, he screamed the whole time and kept saying "we go home! home!" It was kinda sad. But he survived! Now we have a whole year until we have to do it again.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

My Little Boy is 2!

What can I say but holy cow time is flying! I cant even believe that this day two years ago I was meeting my precious little boy for the first time. He has grown and changed so much and so fast over the past two years. I feel privilaged to be his mommy and to teach him and take care of him. I love him with all my heart, more than he will ever know. I remember very clearly the first time I saw him. I thought I already loved him so much while I was pregnant, but once I saw his little face and held him that love for him grew a million times more. Even though he is growing up on me, he will always be my baby! Happy Birthday Cameron!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

My Aspiring Gardener

Today we bought more strawberry plants for our garden. I have a lot that I planted last year, but it wasnt enough and I wanted more! Cameron is so excited we are growing strawberries, he loves them. He keeps reminding me that we have strawberries in the backyard, all day long! So I had him help me plant the new ones. He enjoyed himself even though it was more work with him around it was still fun. I also planted a blueberry bush in front or my house and I bought a raspberry plant too but Im not quite sure where Im going to plant it yet. We also planted our cherry tomato plants in the garden, Cameron ate them all last summer and I know he will be excited when they are ready. Now I just have to wait a month and then we can plant the rest of our garden just before the baby comes!