Saturday, October 17, 2009

Camerons Words

Cameron has been talking a bit more lately. In the past two months he has had a little word explosion. He has been saying mama and dada for some time now, but he is loving learning other new words. A lot of the time in the car we play the game where I say "Can you say _____" and then he either says it or tries. And whenever we go anywhere I point things out to him and tell him the name of items and he tries to say the word. He is so cute learning new things and you can tell he is proud of himself when he does it right. So the words he says right now are;
"Where is it?" (this is his favorite phrase. He will hide a toy and come as me where it is.)
"nama" for Grandma
Chris for Uncle Chris
pop-pop (for his toy that he pushes around that goes "pop-pop")
Animal noises: cow, sheep, chicken, elephant, snake, lion, bird(crow), owl, dinosaur...

Almost every day he works on a new word, but sometimes it takes a while to get it just right. He is learning and growing so fast and I cant beleive he is almost 18 months!! My little boy is getting so big!

Bubble Bath

The other morning I thought it would be fun to do a bubble bath. I havent done one for him since he was probably 6 months old. So he was so excited and confused all at once. He looked at the bubbles on his hands and then would look at me with such a funny face like "what the heck is this stuff?" Then once he got used to it he had a blast! I added a video of me clapping my hands together with bubbles in them and him cracking up at it.


The other day my silly boy had another silly idea. I wish sometimes I could hear what he is thinking. He decided to put all his stuffed animals that were downstairs plus a few toys on top of his Dad who was laying on the couch one by one...
Then he moved them all into a pile, one by one...
Then, he took a seat on his nice cushion of stuffed animals!
He cracks me up. He is so funny about piles and organizing things.

Snoozy Sunday

Last week Cameron woke up early from his nap after church and was still very tired. So he laid down on his elephant and took another little snooze. I thought it was just so cute and funny that he plopped himself down and fell asleep because he never does that! He slept like this for almost an hour on my living room floor.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Day 3: Universal Studios

Our third day we went to Universal Studios in Hollywood. It was cool how they had streets like different little towns. Since it was coming up on Halloween they too had decorations out. Their theme was Zombies. So there were warning signs all over warning you that Zombies were running about and they had zombies all over the place.
We went to the live show of Waterworld. They reenact a scene from the movie. It was cool, we got pretty wet cause there were real waverunners and boats that would splash the audience on occasion.
Not to mention the guys that came out before the show and would spray people or splash a bucket full of water over everyone. It actually felt really nice!
Me and Bret hanging out with the crew of Apollo 13.
Universal Studios Studio Tour

We went on a tour of the studio which I have to say was really neat. I am amazed at how much trickery of the eye occurs in movies. They have a spot that is used for Central Park scenes and its a patch of grass about the size of my downstairs with a bench and some trees! And thats it! They make it look like the actors are in Central Park.

Here is a picture of the building used in Alfred Hitchcocks 1960's film Phsyco...The Bates Motel. This is where the infamous shower scene took place.
These next few pictures are for my fellow Desperate Housewives lovers. We got to drive down Wisteria Lane and see the set where the show is filmed. This is Bree Hodges house aka Marcia Cross.
This is Susan Mayers house aka Terri Hatcher. I guess technically she is now Susan Delfino since she just married Mike.
This is Gabrielle Solis' house aka Eva Longoria.
This is a set that was made for the movie War of the Worlds. I havent seen it but the set was crazy! It really looked like a plane crash.
Back in the day before they made actors use RVs as their dressing rooms they had these little rooms build to be used as dressing rooms. This was Rock Hudsons dressing room while he was filming Pillow Talk, one of my favorite Rock Hudson/ Doris Day movies.
A while back there was a fire on Universals studio and all of their New York City set burned down. So we got to see it under construction as they are rebuilding it.Another amazing thing to me is how they can use the same set over and over in different movies and we never notice! For example, this set below has been used in numerous films. I cant remember all of them but I took the picture because it was Genovia in Princess Diaries 2. The building in the middle was the church she was supposed to get married in.
All in all we had a blast here too! Our favorite rides had to be The Mummy Returns, The Simpsons and Jurrasic Park.

After Universal Studios we took a drive through Downtown Hollywood and went to Rodeo Drive. This is what you see in tv shows and movies. Too bad California isnt this nice everywhere! Its amazing because on tv it looks huge but its literally maybe two blocks long and thats it. But it was cool to see it anyway.

Day 2: Disneyland & California Adventure

Our second day we visited Disneyland and California Adventure. They are right next to eachother so we got park hoppers so we could go back and forth between the two as we pleased. It was so much fun! I went to Disneyland when I was 2 1/2 but I dont remember it at all, so to me this was my first time there. I got Bret to go on the big roller coaster (California Screamin') with me twice, I LOVE big roller coasters! Bret was kinda a woosie and wouldnt go on Tower of Terror with me so I went by myself and it was awesome.
Then we went over the map and chose out all the rides we wanted to hit in Disneyland and we did all of them. The longest wait we had was for Space Moutain, it said it was a 50min wait but we only waited about 35min so thats not too bad at all. Most of the waits went really fast. When we finally got to Splash Mountain there was a 70 min wait and we decided that wasnt worth it. So we got fast passes for 8:15pm. We went and ate dinner at PF Changs and when we came back it was time for Splash Mountain. Bret didnt take the camera out of his pocket so our camera got soaked and wouldnt work the rest of the time. Thats why there are no pictures of the fireworks. I got front seat on Splash Mountain so I got drenched. It sucked because it was night by this point so I didnt dry off at all.
They had just put up all the Halloween decorations just before we came, it was cool to see them. They definatly go all out with the decor for holidays! Bret and I outside a ride at California Adventure.
The toy soilders from Toy Story playing drums. They were really good! I have to imagine they were roastin' hot!
Me and Bret about to go on the Toy Story Ride wearing our stylin' 3D glasses.
Me driving an extremely slow car... We thought they were going to be more like go carts but it turned out it was a total kiddy ride. Oh well, still fun!
Me and Bret on Main St in Disneyland getting ready to find a spot for fireworks.
The fireworks were really cool. It was all Halloween themed which made it really fun.

Of course, the castle. I couldnt leave without a picture of that. We had such a blast at Disneyland! I cant wait to go back again!

Day 1: Huntington Beach

Our first day in California we spent relaxing. We didnt really have any plans that day except dinner reservations at the Melting Pot that night. So we decided to head over to Huntington Beach to bum around for a while. To our surprise there was a cute little farmers market going on so we wandered through that. Then we took a walk out onto the end of the dock, and this was a very long dock! It was strange because it was super hot and muggy, yet foggy. You couldnt see very far in front of you at all. In fact from the beach you couldnt see the end of the dock. It was fun to have a calm relaxing day as tourists.

Flying to California

Bret and I took a trip to California on October 25th. We flew out early in the morning so that we could have as much time there as possible since we were only staying until the night of the 28th. It was SO time for a vacation and we were really excited to get away. We left Cameron with my parents and he had a blast with them.
We flew Virgin America and we thought it was the coolest airline ever! They have (for free) in each seat tv, music(mp3s) you can listen to, movies, games, etc. So here is Bret playing video games.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Disneyland Pictures Coming Soon

Bret and I took a trip to Disneyland last weekend, just the two of us, it was so much fun! However, while riding on Splash Mountain our camera got all wet and wouldnt work so we had to use disposable cameras. I have been trying to get them developed but every place I have gone to either doesnt do them anymore or their machine is broken, etc. So, as soon as I can get the pictures developed I will post them!