Thursday, September 23, 2010

Oh Cameron... What am I going to do with you?

The twos so far are a ton of fun and a lot of messes! Cameron is so much fun, he is talking more and more and he brings such entertainment to each day, whether it be bad or good. Lately we have been having a lot of disaster strike by the hands of this child. We have had a spike within the last week of messiness, here are just a few...

First of all last Monday I had a friend from my ward over to look at knitting patterns for newborn photography. We were sitting on the couch looking at them on the laptop when I hear Cameron say something about a mess. I look up and he has dumped an entire bottle of calamine lotion on my living room carpet. If you dont know what calamine looks like its very similar to pepto bismal, bright pink, chalky, impossible to get out of carpet! It was my fault for leaving it in the diaper basket but holy cow he is fast! So I tried with all my might to remove it on my own but alas I couldnt get it out and ended up renting a rug doctor. Well since I had it I decided to clean all my carpets thinking I would be able to keep them clean for a while... little did I expect needing it again within a week. But I will get to that later...

Next disaster... One day I was nursing Connor while Cameron was in his room working on going to sleep at nap time. He usually sits up there and talks or plays around for about 20 minutes before he falls asleep. Well I heard a bit of a bang, listened for a minute and he didnt cry or anything and since I was in the middle of nursing and didnt want to get up and check I figured he was ok. When I finished feeding Connor I headed up to be sure he was ok. I walked in and noticed a strong strange yet familiar smell. I looked at him sleeping and noticed his hair was soaking wet, or so I thought. I reached out to feel his head and realized it wasnt sweat like I thought, oh no, it was A&D ointment. The bang I heard was his dresser crashing to the ground. He had pulled out all his dresser drawers and since that made it front heavy it fell forward and everything on top of it, including the A&D fell to the ground. Anything in a tube he thinks is hair gel so he squeezed it out and smeared the whole tube all over his head. When he woke up I washed his hair 6 or 7 times but couldnt get it out. It took days before his hair didnt look like a giant grease ball!
Finally to top it off. One morning exactly a week after I had cleaned all my downstairs carpets Cameron was insisting on coming downstairs before I was quite ready. Usually he just comes down and plays with his cars and waits for me. So I sent him down expecting his to do as usual. Little did I know what he was going to surprise me with. I came down about 5 minutes later to find him in the bathroom with the water running. I peeked in to see what he was doing and he turned around to me and held his hands out and said "Cameron needs to get clean!" Oh dear, paint was all over his hands, clothes and feet of all things! It was smeared all over my white pedastool sink. I said "Cameron, where is the paint? Did you make a mess?" He proceeded to lead me over to a corner in the living room and said "Right here, Mama." As if he were proud of the mess. I saw globs of finger paint on my carpet! He apparently figured out how to open the baby proof locks on the drawers in the kitchen and decided it would be fun to squirt big globs all over. So, off to get the rug doctor again in a week. Im thinking I should just invest in one!
What next?

3 Month Photos (a little belated...)

I have been meaning to get Connors 3 month photos taken for a while... needless to say it hasnt happened. He will be 4 months old in about a week and I just today got around to taking a few. While Cameron was napping today I pulled out a backdrop and took a few. Happily I think they turned out super cute, but how couldnt they with a face like that!? He is the cutest sweetest big blue eyed boy if ever I saw one! Here are just a few of my favorites...
I love this little guy and his big blue eyes!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Slow Down Connor!

I swear it was just yesterday I was pregnant with this little guy wishing he would hurry up and get here. But here he is 3 1/2 months old already! Time is going way faster than it should. He is really starting to enjoy sitting up, he likes to hang out in the Bumbo. Even when I put him in his bouncer or lay him down he is lifting his head up tryin to pull himself up. He has really developed a good out loud giggle/laugh and it just melts my heart, I love it! He is all smiles a lot of the time and is still such a good baby. He has his 4 month appointment in 2 weeks so Im excited to find out how much he has grown. I wish I could just slow down time for even a day. I already miss the newborn stage, its come and gone so quickly!
Dont tell me thats not the cutest little boy you've ever seen! (Besides Cameron, of course:)

My Boys, I Love Them!

I am so thankful for both of my little boys. They can be a handful at times there is no doubt, but they bring so much happiness and joy to our lives. Cameron loves Connor so much and its so cute to see them interact, especially now that Connor is getting to be much more aware of his surroundings. They are both such sweet little guys, I love hearing them laugh and giggle, I love giving them hugs and kisses and seeing Cameron give Connor kisses. I am so excited to continue watching them grow and I cant wait til Connor is a little older and can really play with Cameron, I know he is going to love having a playmate!
(Im aware of Camerons black eye, that kiddo is boy through and through, constantly hurting himself!)

My New Do

I have had short hair since I graduated high school. I have tried time and time again to grow it out, but every time I give in and chop it back off. Well, when I started trying to get pregnant with Connor I decided I wouldnt cut my hair until after I had my next baby. So I started growing and did just that. I had a trim or two along the way but thats it. If you know me you know it was really hard to not cut it! But I grew to love my long hair and was actually afraid to chop it off. But, the time came where all I was doing was putting it in a pony tail and only doing it on Sundays. In order to be rid of my "frumpy mom pony" I decided it was time...
I love my new haircut! I am forced to do it so I feel put together and much better. And it only take about 10 minutes to do, start to finish, which is fabulous!

Pacific Science Center

A few weekends ago Bret was playing golf with his buddies so my parents and I took Cameron and Connor to the PSC. Cameron had never been so naturally he was pretty excited. We took him in a 3D showing about airplanes. I think sometimes the 3D scared him because every now and then he would start to freak out and we would have to take his glasses off. But he enjoyed it anyhow!
Me and my mom on the water hampster wheel.
Looking at dinosaurs, I think Cameron would have stayed in there all day if we had let him!
In the spaceship... At one point I pushed a button that counted down from 10-1 and then said blast off and started shaking a little bit like we were really taking off. I said "we're taking off Cameron!" and he started freaking out that my Dad and Connor werent in there with us too, he thought we were leaving them behind! So funny.
Playing in the water, we need some of these toys at home!
Cameron was a bit apprehensive about touching things in the tide pool. So was I, I wont lie... Im not a huge fan of sticking my fingers in water with squishy animals.
We had lots of fun, thanks for the fun Mom and Dad!

Heading Home!

On our way home from Lake Chelan we made a few stops. In Wenatchee we stopped at the Aplets and Cotlets Factory to stock up on some yummy treats.
Cameron enjoyed some taffy, it was really good, I got one too!
After stopping in Wenatchee we drove on to Leavenworth. Its a cutle little German themed town in the moutains. We wandered around the city a little while, went down for a walk by the river and got some big delicious soft pretzels at the bakery. Yum.

Lake Chelan and Our 5th Anniversary

In mid August we took a little family trip for the weekend over to Lake Chelan in eastern Washington. Neither of us had ever been there so we were excited to see what it had to offer and get away as a family.

August 19th

Our first day we actually had dentist appointments that morning, so after our appointments we started our drive over to the lake. We got there around 2pm, checked into our hotel and headed to the beach! We found a nice little spot to hang out and set up camp. Bret and I took turns staying with Connor and the other one of us would spend time playing with Cameron.
Cameron and Connor hanging out at the park by the beach.
Cameron playing int he sand. I tried so hard to build a sandcastle with him but he liked destroying them more than building them! We did manage to get a small one build, but it only lasted a moment.
Me and Cameron playing in the sand.
My cutie little guy with his stylin' sunglasses!
Me and Cameron playing in the lake. He was a little apprehensive at first but I coaxed him in finally and then we had a blast.
Cameron LOVES to splash! So he did a whole lot of splashing.
Cameron walking back to the car with his sand toys all wrapped up in his towel. I just thought it was so cute I had to snap a pic!
At night it got pretty windy and when the wind would blow in just the right direction to get Connor in the face he would make the funniest faces! I think it scared him but after he would let out a little giggle. So here is one of those faces:)
We found a place that evening that had gocarts so Cameron and Bret went for a little drive. Cameron was in absolute car heaven!
August 20th
The 20th was our 5th anniversary. I cant believe how fast these 5 years have gone, they are flying by. Its been 7 1/2 years since we first started dating which is even weirder! I am so thankful I married Bret, we are so happy and love every second of our time together and with our two boys.

On our second day there we rented a boat for a few hours. Cameron had ridden in a boat once at one of our mutual activites and he absolutly loved it. So we figured Cameron would have a lot of fun and so would we. Im so glad we did this, it was a real highlight of our trip.
Connor had to wear a life jacket and this was the smallest one they had. It was bigger than he was! I felt so bad for him, but safety first! :)
Cameron driving the boat!
Cameron didnt sleep so well the first night in the hotel room, so he was exhausted Im sure. I think the movement of the boat kinda rocked him to sleep. We were cruising along and we noticed he was starting to nod off and all of a sudden he was out. Connor was sleeping too so Bret and I just cruised around the lake and gave ourselves a nice quiet tour.
Cameron and Bret on the boat, they look so happy, dont they?
Me and Connor on the boat. While we were stopped we gave him a break from that life jacket. He enjoyed his momentary freedom.
Connor on the boat. We stopped for a while and just floated so while we did that I took him out of that monstrous life jacket and set him in his car seat and played with him. I figured it was a nice break!
Round two of the go carts lol. He had a blast riding them, it was Mommys turn this time!
In Chelan there is a waterpark called SlideWaters. We thought it would be a lot of fun to take Cameron there and have a little more family fun. He really enjoyed it!
Cameron playing in the kiddy pool, he must have gone down that slide a million times. Me and Cameron going down the a waterslide together.
After the waterpark we went to dinner and then stopped in at a local ice cream joint to get some yummy dessert. It was scrumpcious! As you can see Cameron really enjoyed it!

We had SO much fun and I already want to go back next year. Family vacations are awesome, I wish we could take more. We enjoyed being the four of us all weekend and spending all our time together. It was great!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

So so so BEHIND!

I want to apologize for myself... I am so behind on my posts I dont even know where to start! I have been super busy lately with my new venture in starting my own photography business that its hard to find time to update. But I promise I will update soon! If you want to check out what I have been up to have a gander at my photography blog or check me out on Facebook under Madsen Photography. I swear, one night this week I will find time to update you on whats going on in our busy lives:)