Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Worlds Worst Blogger

Hello... yes Im still alive! I havent blogged since November! I cant believe it! Everytime I get on the computer I think "Oh I need to blog, I will go do it when Im finished editing or checking emails." Then I finish and I want to go to bed and end up not blogging. So here we are, with a massive time gap on my blog. Sorry to my mother in law who I know enjoys reading the blog, I will start it up again Maggie:) So I have crowned myself the worlds worst blogger but I promise to try to be better!

Heres what I have been up to.... or you can find me on Facebook at Madsen Photography. I really enjoy doing photography but it sure does suck up your time! I spend so much time editing and by the time Im done I dont want to be on the computer anymore. But its a lot of fun and I have such a great clientle built up now.

Cameron is almost 3 already! I cant even believe it! He will turn 3 on May 4th. My little baby is a little boy now! Just today I was browsing through some old pictures and I cant believe how much he has grown up. He is a very busy boy, chats your ear off and runs everywhere! Its exhausting (for me). He is a very very smart kid. He surprises me with what he knows everyday and he learns amazingly fast. Right now he is in a Cars kick and I swear I have heard/watched that movie about a million times in the last month lol. We are taking him to Disneyland for his birthday and he is so excited to meet Mickey Mouse!

Connor is 9 1/2 months old now which blows my mind! He is supposed to still be a brand new baby. I swear time goes way too fast. A friend of mine shared a quote that sums up my life... "The days go slow but the years go fast." It amazes me that he is coming up on his first birthday when I feel like he was just born yesterday. He is a busy little boy! Crawling all over the place and he loves to climb up the stairs. I swear he is going to be just like Cameron and walk early. Cameron walked at just over 10 months and it wouldnt surprise me if Connor walked around that time too. He is such a sweet little boy, cuddles with me and loves to play one on one with you. He is a peaceful little boy and brings so much happiness to our home. We call him our garbage disposal because he will eat any and everything you put in front of him!

As for Bret he is going back to school! His last day at his job is this Friday and he starts school next Tuesday. He will be going to school for a degree in Mechanical Engineering which is a 4 year degree. We will be doing two quarters here and then transferring to go to school in Utah. Its a big change but it will be a lot of fun. He is excited to start a new phase of life and have his education furthered.

Thats about what we have been up to. I will try really hard to do better!

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